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So been completely off my antidepressants for a month now (been on them for 9 years) and was feeling amazing! Got a new job and I adore it! Then BOOM I suffer from my first Migraine and it has now almost lasted 3 weeks! Been Given Migraleve which really helps but what else can I do to help minimise it? Does anyone else get these? I’m putting it down to stress because you know...story of my life 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

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Hi there so sorry you are suffering migraine I used to for many years until my doctor prescribed Naratriptan it was an amazing change for me because it just took the awful pain away which was life changing.

I used to suffer with hormonal migraine and had tried every painkiller going and had almost given up hope, I also had a course of acupuncture which my GP did himself he did everything to help me but Naratriptan was the answer.

I call it the gift from God! Life changing as I used to be in bed totally off my feet for three to four days a month.

I hope you can find something to help you and would definately try Naratriptan if your doctor will prescribe it.

Good luck x

Congratulations on your new job and glad you like it! It sounds like you have having some side effects from coming off your antidepressants and maybe stress is a factor because of your new job. Try to eat regularly, get enough sleep and rest.

Follow your Doctors advice, are you still withdrawing from your AD Medications

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