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Lexapro Dosage


Im just wondering what is most Lexapro anyone here has been on????...Im currently on 30 mg for the past 2 yearsand was wondering how safe if would be to up it to 40 mg

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I'm guessing it would be safe-ish. That would be double the maximum; but in the US Prozac will get prescribed sometimes at double the UK maximum without obvious problems.

Of course you could potentially suffer long term side effects from SSRIs regardless of the dose. (So sexual dysfunction, or maybe emotional blunting.)

One concern with Citalopram and Escitalopram which actually caused a reduction in the maximum for Citalopram from 60mg to 40mg, is QT interval prolongation. Escitalopram isn't as bad for it as Citalopram I think. It could however be an issue if you have other risk factors, or a known heart problem.

I have seen it suggested that higher doses (i.e. 30mg Lexapro) may be beneficial for anxiety disorders; but I have never heard of anyone taking 40mg... maybe some doctors do it. I think I did read about a case where a woman was on like 120mg of Citalopram (equivalent to 60mg Lexapro), and unfortunately it contributed to heart failure along with a pre-existing heart condition.

I did the maximum with Sertraline at 200mg, but I personally never got anything like enough benefit from SSRIs that I would want to start pushing the dose up beyond the maximum.

We cannot advise on medications and increasing the dose, however I will advise tou explain your needs with your Doctors Surgery


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