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It not all in my head doc!

Hi everyone, was just wondering about GP visits how they go for others, like I go to my GP I could go with my head half hanging off and there like ' it's you're mental health' I went to my GP with chest pain, irregular heartbeat, fainting and dizziness, you guess it , my anxiety, I begged them to do blood test turns out I was severely anemic. I went also with menstral issues and bad pain they also tryed to blame it on my mental health till I again begged to see a gynecologist and it was ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I even feel embarrassed to go to my GP I feel they are like ' here she comes' has anyone else experienced this?

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I had a Dr who used to use the same diagnosis and gave a prescription for Antibiotics, it didn't matter if your arm was hanging off or you had Piles! I did what I was advised on here to do!! Changed my Dr

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Hi thankyou for yore reply😊 I'm stuck at the same docs surgery there's only one for my catchment area so I'm kind of stuck.

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Delzek thats shocking,in this day and age Gps are supposed to be cutting back on antibiotics,as they kill off the good bacteria as well as bad ,and should only give them out sparingly and absolutely necessary!

Yes!!! I always thought it was my doctors, but after four were like that and I read stories from people on here I realized that a lot of doctors kind of suck 🤷🏼‍♀️

For me, they put so much blame on anxiety (I do have severe anxiety but not about health and allergies (which I barely have lol). They think almost everything is my anxiety and have prescribed me a totally inappropriate amount of pills (I definitely need some but not as many as they want me on). Oh and also they recommend yoga every time lmfao. And then they love giving me antibiotic shots and steroid shots for literally every problem

But last year, after working super hard to get an appointment with an oncologist, I learned I had an autoimmune disorder. One that antibiotics don’t help (steroids do help but I’m sick so often it’s not recommended I get them every time I’m sick). However, from the constant steroid shots I now have a weird dent on my butt cheek and now when I actually do need antibiotics they don’t work bc they gave me so many high doses and my body is used to it

It’s all ridiculous

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Omg that's terrible!!!! I totally feel for you. Here's me moaning away,,,, I hope you manage to get sorted out and also thankyou for replying.

hi Loki,I certainly felt like I was on a different planet as my Anxiety soared and my first encounter with a new Practise (had been with old GP pracise 30yrs)got treated like I was a benzo addict and malingerer---just anxiety,then cutting both strength and amount,and categorising me because of being a certain age)no understanding/carebetter leave it at that -this was almost 2 yrs ago,but it scared me to death and you have my sympathy-meant to say (tablets). One last thing ,Im sure these doctors havent a scooby do,regarding Mhealth issues and you had all those symptoms and they would have ignored you had you Not persisted,what is the NHS coming to,after Covid and before they all should be paying more attention,to what the patient is telling them!!!

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Hi thankyou for replying it makes me feel better knowing I'm not just imagining there incomptance , you know when you get to the point when you're questioning everything you do and think and you start thinking ' mabey it is all in my head' but you're body's telling you otherwise.

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