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Can anyone help. I've been prescribed pregabalin?

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I am just wondering if anyone can give any experiences or advice about pregabalin. I've been suffering with anxiety (severe) for some time now. I've been on mitrazipine 45mg for about 6 months. But my anxiety has only got worse and now I'm developing depression. I have just had an appointment with psychiatrist (over the phone) he has prescribed pregabalin 75mg and i take two a day for one week then 3 a day for the next 3 weeks. ( and I keep taking the mitrazipine) How quick do they work? Do they make you feel physically relaxed.? Do they work in general? Also i take co codamol for shoulder, and hip pain also for tension headaches. Anyone with any info I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

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Pregab is more for neuropathic Pain but can be used as a mood stabiliser.

I’m on 75mg morning afternoon and 100mg at night

I’m always in terrible pain but if I come of them in A lot more pain.

I used to be on max dose which I think is 300 or 600 mg

I had to come down the doses as I didn’t know what I was doing on a building site and would just be in cloud 9

If I take more than my dose now it makes me go hypo.

See if you can eventually come of the cocodamol as your stomach turns them in to opioids.

Pregabalin never gave me a relaxed feeling.

Just be careful as I ended up eating them like smarties and the day would be one of a blur and I didn’t know what I was doing at work but it got me through a bad time I guess.

Once you’ve been on them a while there horrible to come of so try keep the dose low if possible.

I don’t know why he gave you pregabalin as there are much better meds on the market

I hope that helps a little

Thanks for your reply and advice. I have to say I'm wary about taking them. I have taken 2 doses today and I feel out if it. I will stick to a low dose so thanks for that advice. I also have no idea why I have been given these. I'd never heard of them.

Loads of good advice from you that I will keep in mind.

😊 thank you

Sorry forgot

They work well for headaches by the way

Regards your shoulder, have you tried a TENS Machine or Pain Pen ?, it is just taking pain medications can cause upset tummies.

Also when you were starting on the other drug did they not stop the other drug you were on or is it down to you need the two medications ?

These medications take upwards of five weeks to work so you need to be patient. Regards increasing a dose from lower to increase the dose is common practice, so carry on with your medications. If you are having problems either talk to your Specialist and/or your GP


Hi border

Just to say pregabalin is good for tummies it relaxes them and can take the pain away very well

Thanks Bob, for taking the time to reply. I have not heard of the tens machine or pen. But I will definitely look into it.

The pregabalin is for my acute anxiety I keep having relapses that are debilitating. I have children to look after so Im Desperate for anything to help get through the day. I have been on mitrazipine for about 8 months . I started on 30mg then about 6 months ago the doctor put it up to 45mg. They still didn't work so now I'm taking the two together. (pregabalin and mitrazipine) they have knocked me for 6. I only been taking them for 2 days now.

I will give it time and stick with it. But I won't increase the dose of the pregabalin as I don't want to become to dependant on them

Thanks again for the advice,


With regard to the TENS machines and Pain Pen, I generally use BODY CLOCK on the internet, they are quite advanced last time I was onto them.

You can also try most chemists they sell various machines and types. Also if you go onto the WEB you will find quite a long list of suppliers and manufacturers.

If your condition is Chronic you will be able to claim back the VAT, you could discuss that with your GP. I get all my medical supplies I purchase without VAT when I purchase various aids private sale

Sometimes under your Doctor you may be able to get these machines under the NHS hospital or GP.

Remember you may needs pads and gel, or gelled pads. I used to get them at hospital, GP.

Chemists can also supply them as well. If you go for a machine go for a twin channel machine you can cover a larger area


I suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as the anti depressants (venaflaxine) my doctor prescribed me low 50mg doses of quetiapine and pregabalin at night to help me sleep - the quetiapine to "keep me knocked out" and the pregabalin was for my restless legs as I'd be so tense during the day my muscles and joints would ache at night making it difficult to drift off. They work within 20 mins of taking them, and the first few days you'll be feeling "high" until your body gets used to them and then they'll be like a pain med.

I don't think pregabalin helps with the mentality of anxiety, more the tense reactions your body suffers from it.

If you still get the mental anxiety then perhaps you could chat to your GP about other anti anxiety meds or a low dose anti depressant, as there are many different kinds that target different brain neurotransmitters, and sometimes you have to try a few to see what helps your thoughts settle (eg I tried sertraline and mirtazapine before finding venaflaxine).

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Thanks for your reply.. I am sorry to hear you are also a sufferer. I wish there was more help out there for us without having to try so many ways to get over it.. I have taken your advice on board and I will give it some thought.

I wish you luck with recovery..



Hi miss missjanie, I am the exact same as you.. i have reduced my mirtazapine from 45mg to 30mg as my anxiety is horrendous 😞 I also take 150mg of pregablin 3 times a day. I feel the mirtazapine is the issue and they have just masked it by prescribing me pregablin.. im going to taper off the mirtazapine and see what happens.. hopefully in a couple of weeks time I will be reduced to 15mg.. i wish i had never started mirtazapine xx

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MissJaynie in reply to Laurapat

Hi Laura, thanks for your reply. Its nice knowing someone else is the same. Although the issues we have are not nice at all. I am with you about the anxiety being horrendous. My anxiety has come about through a number of traumatic events over the last 13 yrs. Non stop relentless. It finally had an impact on me and I developed anxiety. My GP is useless cant be bothered and has chucked a number of antidepressants at me. None have worked counselling didn't work as I was in such a high state of anxiety I couldn't take it in. Its been a long long lonely battle.. i finally got to speak to a psychiatrist. Who gave me pregabalin 75mg twice a day. I have to say they have been amazing. The only single thing that is working. I no this because I had to face an horrendous thing this week and previously I'd of been an absolute mess. But I was strong, calm and could think logical. So now I feel ready for counselling again. As I'm able to get the last 45 yrs out by talking. Also to find strategies to help cope in hard times. This is my hope. Then eventually come off all. The mitrazipine don't work for me but im sticking with it for now. I agree I think all mental health medicines just mask the issues.. Try find ways, like counselling , self help books, talking to friends to get you through. But im a fine one to talk. I can give advice . I just need to heed my own.

I wish you all the luck in the world on your road to recovery, its a solid thing to live with. If ever you need to talk just message me. Im here for you.


Thanks jayne, and the same to you too! Just message if you need to talk.. you are right it is a lonely battle, but talking to family and friends definitely helps.. i wish you all the luck in the world with your recovery too... im glad pregablin gives you some relief.. to be honest it has kind of worked for me as I now can go out but still get the fight or flight feeling but I can control it a bit more myself.. im also doing counselling via telephone and have been since March.. i just cannot wait to get back to being me 💕 xx

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