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Stuck with life and need advice

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I'm a really indecisive person which I think stems from my anxiety so I'm desperate for some life advice.

I'm really stuck in terms of schooling/employment and what to do next. I'm 21 so would be considered a mature student fyi. I did my A Levels after I left school in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature. I got ACD respectively and applied to do Psychology (BSc) at a specific university as a deferred entry and got in but cancelled as I didn't really want to go and only applied because I felt pressured to go. I have been working on and off since then but haven't anywhere in terms of a secure job and feel like a failure.

I have been considering university again as I feel like I have to do something but can't find a course I'm sure on. I don't think Psychology that I originally applied for is for me as I'm not at all interested in the science focused approach they have. There's a course at a different university (Psychology with Criminology and Criminal Justice) that feels more suited to me but transport would take 2 hours or more to get there as I can't drive and it would be costly on public transport so I don't know if that's a viable option. My other option is doing Psychology with Open University and continuing working short term. Then I have the completely different route of doing UAL extended diploma in Art and Design as it is a career I would love to do and is my biggest interest but have always been told there's not a lot of jobs in the industry. My problem with this though is I would feel as though I am going backwards by doing an A Level equivalent qualification again and what I would do after that if I'm not interested in university.

Sorry if that was real big ramble, I'm just completely torn and have no one to turn to for advice so would love to know what you would do in this situation. Anything to help my decision would be welcomed!! Thank you

5 Replies
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Hi Eternalsunsh1ne,

Reading your post I’m interested in the diversity & mix of subjects you have studied & are attracted to .

Can I try and offer some guidance which I hope will help steer you in the right direction?! :-)

Firstly, nothing you have learned is ever wasted, so your A levels and all the knowledge gained will act as a “platform” for you moving forwards.

Secondly, have you tried typing “personality & career choices” in to Google (or other search engine) ....this will give lots of options to explore who you are & what might suit you.

Be sure to be completely honest with your answers in the questionnaires and take a few different psychometric tests this will highlight your aptitude’s. Remember, these (tests) are a guide, so nothing is cast-in-stone...... my hunch is that this may uncover a few options you have not considered before! :-)

Also, there are many careers that combine skill sets (eg an Art or Play therapist combines psychological therapy and an understanding of presenting issues with art/play/drama and creativity.)

Also, remember that to any college or university you are the “Customer” (so-to-speak), and they WANT your business...... don’t be shy in asking about Grants/Bursaries etc. It’s also possible in some courses to combine part-time temporary work with studying so as to help financially! If traveling is a problem perhaps consider a week day lodgings nearer the place of study....

I hope this helps..... keep us posted about how you get on!

Wishing you all the best for the future x

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eternalsunsh1ne in reply to Misty-Loves-Tea

This is so helpful, thank you! I did some career tests and tend to end up in the more creative and artistic side of things which is reassuring but just means I'll have to go backwards if I want to move forwards. Thank you for you help x

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Misty-Loves-Tea in reply to eternalsunsh1ne

Hi, You’re very welcome, I’m glad it helped! Maybe view it as a new, informed, direction, not going backwards! It helps to keep a positive mindset!! :-) x

Decisions, decisions

I know when I was at college I was full time and I had to travel by bus for near on two hours every day, what with Night Class every two days a week and all the travelling all I wanted to do when I got home at night was to relax, not studying Science, Physics and Engineering, Not forgetting the Mathematics. That got to me and all the travelling it was serious. The strange thing was when I left college ten years later they put on a metro, door to door and that would have sorted out my concerns.

I did however several years later study Youth and Community at Durham and that became my main interest in life up until now, It opened many doorways for me throughout life. So there is always something out there you can try at a later date.

Would it be an idea to have words with Social Services in your area and se what is available in further education in that field. You could possible go to qualify there and then at a later date go for a qualification to convert your initial interest to another higher qualification ?


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Thank you for being so helpful! I have since contacted some colleges and universities to try and work something out.

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