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knocking on heavens door


Im feeling like i want to end my life i have had enough i hate the feeling i have eating me away , consent pain no sleep no nothing 🙁 ☹

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So sorry to hear this . Have you spoken to you GP? Life is worth living for been where you are but you can get through it !!

This feeling you have dear paul078 is exactly what is felt by me every single day, some do not understand but they mean what they say and are decent helpful folk who care. I care even though the pain is unbearable some how have managed don't know how, but am still here fighting for survival and fight it is to live, and continue to until the end. xxx

We want u to be here with us😊💙💚💛💜We ALL have something to offer another.

Ive lived over 25 years with severe chronic pain,incurable disease n etc.I get what ur saying BUT tomorrow is a new day n Id like to see a post from u tomorrow n there after.

We r all here to help n lend an ear or shoulder to cry on.

You are important in yourself and your life is important, you are worthy and wonderful and amazing - never forget that and I hope you find someone or have someone that can support you through this difficult time. Do what you want with your life, it is your choice like listening to the music you want to listen to and enjoying or sharing your moments in life with someone.

Hi Paul

I can tell ya from fracturing my spine when I was 18 and only finding out about it when I got to about 26 being fobbed of by doctors,”oh you were born in pain”

Little did they know I had bought my own x rays at great expense hidden behind my back.ha ha I had to laugh,you idiot and you call your self a clinical now 49

For 2 minutes I had no pain

I now remember and have imprinted that feeling in my brain.

When the tough gets going I sit quiet and remember that feeling.

I’ve now come to the fact that pain is pain is pain.i won’t let it destroy my life,I won’t let it take my life.

I get by day by day.luckily thank god I’ve adhd,now that keeps me bopping lol.

I suffer from chronic pain all over now.

Look,no matter how far your chips are down there are just the few left standing.

Count ya chips hold on to the ones standing and they will get you through another day

We are all here for you totally and unconditionally.

We all have our own stories to be told which will help you

Now smile no matter how much it hurts.tell the pain it’s only pain and it won’t beat you snd we will all hear from you tomorrow

I hope that helps mate

Chin up cheer up keep going you can do it because you have in ya.

Just dig deep man

Wish you all the best

Paul if not already you really need to talk to your Doctor, if it means a telephone appointment so be it. You need to talk and of course we can interact Here if that is what you need. Have you talked to your Doctor, Has Ue arranged any treatment for you.

Remember if you are ill at this time you do not need to sit on your hands, pick up that phone


Hi I am going through the same at the moment I have a voice in side my head telling me that no one cares and nobody would miss me I know that is not true.but sometimes I start to believe it.i can’t to my family after a row last week that saw me scratching my arms and if I speak to them the voice will take at the moment I am trying to get over this by my self and my care staff I know it’s hard but stay safe and be strong.

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