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Has DCFS knocked on your door?


Hi, Everyone. I haven't posted for a few weeks, but thought today would be a good day to talk to you about something I have been dealing with since September of last year. It doesn't seem that long, and yet it must be years that this has been going on. The incident that just won't go away. I must shine light on what the state is doing to parents and their children.

My grandson was taken by the state because of mom's boyfriend abuse. The boyfriend has not been charged with anything. The state has charged my daughter, and forced her to admit to something she didn't do because she was threatened to have her parental rights terminated. The state proceeded to lie, and twist the truth to fit their agenda. They submitted the lies to the court as truth without a shred of evidence to substantiate their claims. And the judge did not request proof. My daughter has been effectively bound and gagged to prevent her from speaking out to protect her rights and those of her son. When she tried, she was accused, in court, of being non-compliant. Juvenile court is different from adult court. In juvenile court, everything is decided behind closed doors, without the pain of having to prove their allegations.

Perhaps even worse, my grandson was diagnosed years ago with mild autism, and the state, in their 'great wisdom', claims he never had autism, and his acting out is not from autism, but from lifelong abuse and neglect, again without a shred of proof. I believe the state is taking a gamble that they will never have to answer for their actions. Even my grandson tells them his mother never abused him. Still, they fabricate, and spin the truth to fit their narrative. So, now, we have a kid who is acting out because he is overwhelmed by the treatment of the state. The state says, 'aha, he has a behavior disorder'; so they place put him in a 'therapeutic' group home, and place expectations on him that he will never be able to meet, because of his autism, thus ensuring he will never be released from state custody. Even though his grandmother has been willing to take him from the beginning, that is denied, on the premise it would 'not be safe'. Never mind that grandmother has never seen the behaviors claimed by the state.

I need to add that private lawyers have been hired, but it is difficult to determine their actual effectiveness, as they advise to remain quiet, go along with whatever the state says, because the state has all the power. The state apparently can strip a parent of all rights, just because they don't like the parent. The lawyers are high priced, and seem to think their counsel is worth every penny.

I have been investigating states across the country, and what is happening here is a national disgrace. The states receives tens of thousands of dollars for each child in state custody. Babies and small children are given for adoption, and the state receives tens of thousands of dollars. The expectations for the return of a child or children is impossible to meet. The social worker receives a 'bonus' for the children under his/her 'care'. The mother is expected to hold down a full time job, and provide what the state deems adequate living arrangements, and, at the same time, attend all the multiple meetings required by the state. Which, of course, are held during the usual working day hours. If you know of any employers who will tolerate an employee taking time off to attend all of these meetings, please contact me. I want to let these mothers know of them.

The states are in a business, and the children of our country are the commodity.

I wish to warn people, and perhaps offer some advice should the Division of Family Services ever show up on your doorstep, and claim to be doing a well person check. They may, and probably will have the police with them. Check your state's laws on recording. Invest in a recording camera, in advance, if you have children. If one is too expensive, buy a simple recording device. Have it ready, and on, when you open the door. They may appear friendly and ask innocent sounding questions - do not be misled. It is a trap. Any thing you say will be twisted and misconstrued. You have the right to be silent. If they want to come inside, ask for a warrant to enter. They may lie, and tell you they have one, which is why it is important to have proof. If they have a warrant, you have to let them in, but continue to record their every word and action. It is common to describe homes as pigstyes. Continue recording. Record all interactions. Do not turn off recorder for even a few seconds. It is your proof of what they are trying to do to you. If they realize you are recording, they may leave, and write a report that you have been uncooperative, and even aggressive. Needless to say, it is important that you remain calm. Your recorder is your proof. Try to have as many people as you can on the scene. Even if they leave, realize you will likely see them again. Go to your child's school, and request that your child not be pulled out of class to speak with anyone. Record your interactions with the school officials. Once you are on the radar of DCFS or whatever they call themselves, they will return, again and again. I have known of entire families who moved several states away to get away from the harassment of state officials. There is also an increasing number of people who are posting the recordings of their interactions with state officials on-line.

That being said, I want to include that there is a place for an agency that protects children. A few children are severely abused and need to be removed from their homes. However the number of children in this plight is not enough to support the vastness of the current state agencies. Therefore, we have the current situation of innocent parents accused and children being warehoused by the state to keep the money flowing. Isn't it always about the money?

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DCFS has never knocked on my door .. In reply to your question Isn't it always about the money ? I have found that there is much greed in the world .. A lot of people chase money and will go to any lengths to take from others .. Your situation is not at all nice and I can sympathise with you .. Are there any support groups run by parents that this has happened to ? If not then maybe you could form one and then collectively become a voice for others whom are experiencing the same .. Have you thought about going to your MP about this ?

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What's DCFS? I guess this is in the States? I am in the UK so don't understand this.

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I gather it is the equivalent to Social Services in the states

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Oh thank you. x

Just googled it . "Department of children and family services" so yes seems equivalent of our social services.

Thank you for this lengthy post which I have just skimmed at the moment but will read later when I come back from walking. This sounds like a very serious issue. I guess in the states there are different authorities than here in the UK, but I have read your warning and feel that will be useful and interesting information to share with others on here or on Anxiety and Depression form on healthunlocked which has more US members.

I have not had experience with social services except regards my dad but he lives in quite an affluent area and the service we got was good and was regarding making sure he was safe and trying to prevent a hospital admission at the age of 95. They had to admit him in the end but social services did set services in place to try and prevent this, so there are good examples of their practice as well here in the UK. But i know the child protection sector is different and complicated and sometimes decisions are made which are too harsh and sometimes even punitive I agree.

Thank you to all who have replied to my post. It is my hope that this will begin a discussion that won't go away. It is my hope that more and more people will become aware of this injustice being done to parents and their children. The suffering caused by this evil institution is beyond description.

Are there parents in the U.K. who have been through similar situations? I tend to believe there are. I actually believe this to be a world wide problem, at least the Western world. If we don't open our eyes to the magnitude of what is going on, it will only get worse. At the moment, those targeted the most are the poor (can't hire lawyers) and young, single mothers, who are easily manipulated into giving their babies up for adoption. If they refuse to sign on the line, the courts will often terminate their rights, anyway. The small children and babies carry a high price on their little heads for the DCFS coffers. The social workers who are in this deplorable industry seem to think they are doing a good thing. Or maybe they are soulless and don't care.

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