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After years of struggling!


Hi everyone

I'm new to this but just wanted to share something that may be of help or interest to someone.

My daughter has been really struggling with mental health and every increasing mood swings and aggression for a number of years, she could not control it and was tearing us all apart.

Drugs etc didn't seem to work, counceling didn't, I thought no one seemed to know what was happening.

Finally after nearly 10 years I believe we've found where this all comes from, she used to have seizures following an accident some years ago when she suffered a relatively minor head injury, the explosive mood swings, need for order, obsevive behavior is apparently text book indicators of partial seizures.

We have managed to consult with a specialist and confirmed this.

Although there is no magic answer to our problem it's such a relief to realise there is at least an answer to work towards.

If any of this feels familiar to you or someone close perhaps there are others out there that are on a similar path and don't realise where it all started.... A bang on the head!

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Hope your daughter has good recovery and health, may you and anyone else help her along on her road to recovery - still think its wise to use professionals


Sorry regards your daughter

Yes I have heard something similar in the past, it can be caused by various things in the brain, sometimes a form of damage. It may be best for your Daughter to plug in to Her Doctor and be able to discuss what they feel is the problem, or ways to suppress or control Her conditions Seizures can be part of the problem you describe and all you can do is keep discussing this problem when your Daughter visits the Doctor, Eventually it MAY go away or your daughter may be able to control the negativity that will plaque Her Life. in the future. You need to talk we are here


Thanks, yes the doctor has been very good but they don't know everything we are in contact now with the brain injury specialist so we are on the best path after all these years.

Keep safe


Good luck,

Both of you keep a hold

Keep safe


God bless you and your daughter! Amen

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