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Introduction - Severe Treatment-resistant Depression Sufferer


Hi I have just joined the MH support group, and wanted to say Hi and, my name is Jon. I have been in isolation for about the last 3 months, and it's getting tougher! Sure there are a lot of people in the same place - I try to help myself with Mindfulness meditations, but the Depression makes it hard to concentrate and take information in!

Anyways hope everyone is keeping safe and finding ways of coping with the additional stress of lock down - it won't last forever - just feels like it :)

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Really hard life but you have to carry on, see the light at the end of the tunnel - hopefully. Stick at it and you will relax and calm down with mindful mediation You should get stronger and deeper in thoughts and exploring your feelings, you will find inner strength

HangTough in reply to Indieabc

Thanks very much for your supportive reply, I appreciate it. I am trying to keep the Mindfulness going to support myself - all local face to face MH Support has been cancelled for the last few weeks here, but I did see something about our crazy Prime Minister saying he was going to lift some restrictions for people who need treatment for cancer and Mental Health Support.

Kind of ironic that it's taken another world wide pandemic to waken some people and authorities up to the fact that actually, there already is a worldwide pandemic - and its called Depression :)

Hope you are staying well and thanks for your help. Jon

I'm starting DBT at some point, just gone on the waiting list, I'm aware there is a fair bit of mindfulness involved but I'm rubbish at it. When I was in hospital going to the occupational therapist sessions I'd either end up crying or becoming totally distracted by wandering, overwhelming thoughts- do you reckon this will have an effect on the DBT overall?

Welcome aboard newbie..we r quite a wonderful caring bunch here😁

Isolation is hard, but i am using music the most to help me,and also my fabulously nutty humor to get me n anyone else the hard times we r in.

Stay safe😷

Do you come into the vulnerable group? Ie severe respiratory or heart problems?

Hello Jon, I'm Lorraine. Nice to meet you. If you need help finding ways to try and cope with your depression, I'm sure some of us can help. This isolation thing hasn't really been so bothersome for me, though I am more introverted. Plus, I started taking Trintellix for my depression and things seem to be getting better as time goes along. I hope you are staying safe as well, Jon. :)

Hi Lorraine - thanks for your kind reply, much appreciated. I am glad to hear that you are benefitting from the Trintellix - It's actually a drug I have not heard of before, so will have to look it up!

I am also looking into the possibility of Ketamine Infusions - as our wonderful NICE have denied approval to the preferable Esketamine and the Spravato which is FDA Approved.

In the meantime I am plugging away with Mindfulness meditations - Not sure if you have come across any of the Apps for this - I have been using Calm, which is very good.

Anyways I hope you continue to improve with the Trintellix and keep safe while this annoying virus is being sorted out!

It's no problem, Jon. Thank you as well.

Mind if I ask what the NICE is? I live in the United States, though I know quite a few people are here reside in the United Kingdom.

I can't say that I have, but I just bought a new phone recently so I will check out this Calm app you speak of. I have a lot of intrusive thoughts that I haven't gotten complete control of, yet. Meditation can be tricky for me. If I do meditate, it's probably when I listen to music and stim to calm myself. I hope I am making sense. Hehe.

I hope I do too. Thank you! I hope the Calm app has helped you to relax a bit, so you aren't so stressed out. If you need help with anything, for whatever it's worth, you have us. Stay safe, kind Sir.

Take care.

Diversions and Hobbies do help to keep your mood in a good place.

Remember you are allowed to go out for a walk once a day, we always take that chance to get fresh air.

You are using a computer, many people use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends.

Try YOU TUBE the content is vast and that can be great if you are stuck. If not already, give it a try. Relaxation Techniques, including Mindfulness can help you relax.

If you have a garden, you can spend all day out there, so under those circumstances you can remain in some ways active in outlook.

We all get cabin fever and that can be a real problem so Diversions and starting hobbies can help you remain positive



You are having it tough but don’t give in ...keep going, it will eventually settle down and you will have some better days .

Why don’t you purchase “self help for nerves “ by Claire Weeks.....and read it at your will definitely help & comfort you .

All the best and stay positive when you can in these awful times will improve ever so slowly ...take and think small steps .

Hi Jon! I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety 1 week ago and I feel so scared and confused. I'm away from my family and I feel so overwhelmed. I've had depression for 5 years but this is the first time I spoke about it to someone! My doctor has prescribed me medication but I am very certain and firm that I don't want to take any medicines. I just feel like they are the short term cure and that therapy (mainly CBT) is a better option to cure depression for the long-term.

But these are all my views. I might be wrong because, like I said, I'm so new to this world of support and help! I just wanted to know if it's okay to not take medicines. I'm scared about telling my doctor that I don't want medicines because I think he'll get irritated by me and then just stop helping me! Ahhhhh I feel so anxious and scared and worried and I don't know why I feel all these things! Sorry about being so bothersome!

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