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I was going to end it all a few months ago.

Things are a bit better now, my life if going good and I have great things happening.

So why am I angry all the time? I feel like I dont care about anything but at the same time everything off. It not even anger as I've experienced it, its like an all encompassing rage. I had bad anxiety, its a lot better now... mostly because I'm too angry to be scared about things.

Anyone else feel like this? I'm on 50mg of sertraline, this is my second month.

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Hey, I’m also on 50mg sertraline for the second month. And was also about to end it all not long ago too!

And yes! I feel like this all the time! Just so angry at everything. It used to be that I’d cry at everything but since I started the sertraline it has been complete anger all the time! I suppose it could be a sign that it’s helping the anxiety and depression and that’s the only other emotion we can feel at the moment? I’m not sure.

Hope all goes well for you x

Thank you, I'm so glad its not just me !! have you seen anyone for talking therapy? I'm trying to book some sessions in the hope that helps

Cheers, you too !

Yes, I’ve been seeing a counsellor and that helps a lot more than the medication I think! You should definitely try it. She is the only person I feel like I can actually talk to, I don’t have any friends or family that I can release my feelings to. There’s no judgement from her and it’s so good to have a good rant lol.

Definitely recommend x

Ah nice one! I'll give it a go, I always feel bad loading people with my stuff, it'd feel good to release!

That’s exactly how I feel, but I don’t feel as bad talking to my counsellor because it’s her job to just listen. It’s great. Uncomfortable at first for me because o still wasn’t sure if I could even trust her (sounds stupid I know). But now I understand I can tell her everything in confidence

Yeah I know what you mean! It’s just getting access to talk therapy which is the hard part, i’ve only been waitin a few days because I kept putting it off. I just want to get started, you know?

Yeah I understand. If you’re in college, school or uni (U.K.) then you can defo get access to one within their campus. If not, you should visit your GP, they can put you straight on the waiting list for a therapist (this waiting list is usually very long though). Hope this helps x

Yeah, sadly I finished uni a few years ago so I'm on the waiting list as per my Gp's advice, I signed up to it but have heard nothing back at all. I'm considering going private so I can get some help sooner rather than later

Ahh. Maybe Try this website called “bark” and sign up and say you’re looking at counselling. People then see that you’re looking at counselling and they email you asking if you’d like to use them. It is good however most sessions are around £40 an hour

Yes mate. I’m the same. I’m on 150 mg now and still feel angry at everything all the time. Irritated and jumpy. Life is ok but I’m trying to see the CMHT in case I’ve something else wrong with my mental health. I don’t feel depressed though. Stick with it.


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whats the CMHT? yeah I will do ! hope you can get sorted bud!

CMHT. Community Mental Health Team ( in UK)

Ah cheers

My anger usually shows itself after I feel great disappointment in something 'that I really should not feel that way about.' I hope you understand what I I thjust said...I wish I could express it better... I guess, in other words, I expect myself to shape up and have a better, more accepting attitude and have 'no right' to feel the way I REALLY DO...

After all, I should see all the 'good stuff' and always dwell on it. And I really am beginning to think that not allowing my 'real hurts and anger and disappointments' to be 'real' and just accept them (not that I want to LIVE IN THEM)...but I think this is why I get so suddenly out of the blue angry... SO I know that on days when I am more accepting of the fact that I HAVE fudged up a lot and its still is ok...I get much less angry... I so hope I've said some of this in a way that make sense. Wishing you all the best with a big hug,


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That’s how I was to start with, i’ve Been using this meditation app called ‘headspace’- I didn’t want to use it cos it sounded pretentious AF but it’s really helped me by giving me tools to step back from tha bubble of rage and examine why I feel that way and acknowledge it without getting lost in the rage.

It’s free for the first 10 days, if you find it useful I got a voucher for free access to the premium stuff if you wanna try it. I’d highly recommmend it bud

Betty30 in reply to emparedados

Thank you!!

Hey there!!

Just a wee message to say I read your post and am really glad that you have said you are feeling a bit better but can relate to the anger and rage that you are referring to.

I am not on any medication, so cant really comment on this, I only know that I have had my fair share of struggles lately, but I do tend to have a black cloud that hangs over me every now and again. One minute things look great and next minute, for absolutely no reason at all, I feel down and wonder just what the point of all of this is??

This might seem a bit weird to you but sometimes my way of coping with these feelings is trying to put myself in the position of someone who has just recently been told that they have a terminal illness, through no fault of their own, and are going to face a long struggle to try and stay alive and this puts a lot of things into perspective. Its not that Im using someone else's misfortune to make myself feel better (although I do realise this is how it sounds) but makes me realise that I am actually quite lucky. I try "talking" to my black cloud telling it (even just in my head, not necessarily out loud) just to ..... "do one", "get lost" (you get my drift). I also tell it that it is not going to ruin my day and in my head I try and visualise it drifting off!!

Four months ago I started walking (someone told me this was a good way of getting some "head space" as well as good exercise). I didnt fancy this at first but I am now addicted to my walk every day. One full hour of my day is spent walking and I dont care what the weather is like I just do it and I really feel the benefit of it. Reading a good book also helps because it can transport you to somewhere else, even if it is just for a wee while...Drink lots of water, try and eat well and most importantly, try and get enough sleep. You never see your problems in the same light when you have had a good sleep, you seem to be able to handle things better having had a good rest.

Im sorry if it sounds as though I am rabbiting on here but having experienced a lot of dark thoughts myself, I would just like to offer some help to you if I can.

Please look after yourself and remember for every new day there is always a wee bit of hope. I used to go to bed at night and pray that I didnt waken up the next day. Now when I waken up I know its because I am supposed to be here!!

Lots of love to you!!


emparedados in reply to En1234

Hey! Thanks fo much for the thoughtful reply!

I used to do somthing similar but that doesn’t work for me anymore - I use meditation and yoga with my meds to get into that frame of mind now which works much better for me.

For sure excessive and that mental perspective are really important- it’s like you say though, when that bubble of rage rises it’s hard to keep it down. The sertraline in great with my depression and especially my anxiety, it’s jus that the rage is much stronger than it used to be as a concequence x

Betty30 in reply to En1234

Thank you and love right back atcha!! :) <3

Yes I was on them for 25 years took lining off my stomach was always angry so have stopped them and seeing someone for cbt hope it works

emparedados in reply to matt72

Jesus!! I’m gonna get some therapy soon, hopefully, so i’ll Get off them ASAP!

En1234 in reply to matt72

Oh that sounds bad!! Hope the CBT works for you.

Best wishes to you today!!

Theresa.... XXX

I can't say I completely relate to the anger but definitely with feeling off and not caring about anything or myself but knowing I should and feeling even worse because I didn't. It is great to hear that things are looking up, it took me a couple therapy sessions to feel like that. I have been on sertraline since January, currently taking 100mg in my decision to increase my dosage fairly early in my treatment. There is something that takes longer to shake than others just take your time and find the root or try something different. Not the most original advice but it's something. I hope you continue to rise up.

Thank you for your perspective, I really appreciate it! It doesn’t matter if advice isn’t original, it’s the support that matters. The dispondence is really hard to deal with because it’s not like sadness or rage or whatever else - that you can use mental moves to deal with - it’s like a blanket suffocating everything. It’s like Grey, you know? It’s not tangible enough to fight but strong enough to suffocate everything.


My partner is about 3 months in now and his dose was increased to 100mg recently. He was exactly the same and at first things were even more difficult than when he was depressed and anxious. But it has settled down a lot more now and he seemed amazingly more positive and calmer.

He is really suffering with twitches though.....they are really bad and sometimes he can't move off the sofa because of them.... and he is struggling to sleep. Has anyone else had this? He's been told it will pass but it's really frustrating him and seems to get him down when nothing else really does anymore.


I've been feeling really restless as well, I've always been a bit twitchy but its much worse on the meds. I find the gym helps a lot with that tho - I've started going to yoga as its not high intensity and helps with stretching and they seems to help me keep them under control. As for sleep, I'm sleeping more but I feel like I havent had any rest... if that makes sense. I know his pain !

I hope his negatives dissipate soon and thank you for sharing the positives, that really helps!

Update: Things are getting worse by the day. I'm getting headaches because I'm so tired due to being angry all the time. Its almost WORSE than the tiredness from worrying. I feel so drained and ... the best work is 'Fighty'. I nearly had a row with the missus last night over the remote control - we dont have screaming matches but I was so close to screaming at her.

She is the only reason I didnt kill myself in the first place, and I'm angry at her??

I was meditating but I cant anymore, I try and I'm so angry that I cannot focus and be mindful. I went to the gym yesterday, I didnt do anything tho, I just felt so hopeless that I just left and wondered around for hours.

Sertraline was working a treat but I think I either need to change meds, increase my dose or sort out some bloody therapy :/

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Hi. Sorry to hear this.

Yes do have your meds reviewed by your gp, that could help.

Hope you can sort out the therapy too. You deserve to feel better

Best wishes x

I have just started sertraline so would be grateful for advice for anxiety

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