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Absolutely dont know what i am going through

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Hi all, my dad passed away in india in june and i couldn't be there at the time. Couldn't see him for the last time to say good bye. He was cremated before I could reach there. It has all turned my lufe upside down. My wife is in india with my daughter and not willing to come back to London to lu e as family. It is all too much to handle. Don't k ow what to do

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Living in this country, rich, you can do business and travel and education opportunity for private tuition is there. But you have to compare with living there, you could make the money here and send it home or you can live in two places at once. All options. Depends on what you truly want and can live with - that is acceptable = lots of opportunities.

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Sorry for your loss of your Father, and the on going problem you are having with your Wife and child. I do not know the situation why your Wife is refusing to return to the UK so we cannot comment there

However you need to be able to talk out your problem, grief and loss of your Father.

If you are British make an appointment with your GP and explain regards Fathers Death and the problems you are having with the none return of your family to the UK

It may be an idea to discuss the family situation with Citizens Advice and gain some clarity.

Also have words with a Solicitor, regards your family concerns.



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