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Feeling alienated

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I have had on going health problems for the last nearly six years. My only support network is my Mum who has had her life completely burdened by my health. I don’t have a normal 25 year olds life. I feel like there’s no end to it all I just want to be normal and have friends instead of existing

6 Replies

Hi it’s hard my depression started due to me getting epilepsy and I certainly found out I only had a handful of true friends I too depend on my mum but she truely wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m sure your mums the same maybe try going to meetings near you where you can meet new people who actually understand how you’re feeling xx


Hello er21894

My depression is cause by multiple Chronic Health Conditions, I have been like this for forty years. I have bee, unable to work since then. My Carer is my Wife, who gets an allowance to look after me. She is able if needed to have time out if She feels overwhelmed.

She looks after the house , I look after for preparing vegetables and have my own Orchard to look after.

It is no good griping over what your health problems are and what you cannot do, it is what you can do that makes all the difference. Every on has problems we move on and adapt.

Your Mother sounds a nice lady she must feel a great deal for you, She is there for you.

You have not explained what your conditions are however if you are in the UK your Doctor or CPN, Therapist can arrange adaptations to help you and your Mother

Good Luck



Hi, for a long time my mum has been my entire support network too. I thought I had a good group of friends around me but they ended up abandoning me due to my mental health issues. Luckily my boyfriend has become a huge part of my support network too but he’s recently been diagnosed with depression. I don’t always speak to him about my issues because I worry I’ll make him worse so often my mum is the only person I have to talk to. I too don’t have a normal life for a 23yr old and often feel incredibly alienated and alone. Don’t feel you are the only one cuz there are plenty in the same boat ❤️


er21894 Hi

I used to feel like you do when I was your age, in fact I felt like I had burdened my mother all my life. But now that I have a daughter I see it differently as I do anything and everything for her and it never feels like a burden.

Having said that it would be healthy for you to be in contact with other people, so maybe focus on finding ways that you can maybe meet people...I don't know what your health problems are but...charity work, bookclub at a library...good luck x


I don't have any support. I have appointment to see my mental health team the end of the month


hi you got a good mum and she does what all good mums do and that's look out for their kids no matter what age they are.your not a burden on anyone its the little demons in our heads that make us think that.hopefully at the end of the month your health worker will offer great support and advice and help get you back on track.


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