depression and anxiety

i am very new to this sort of thing and dont really know what to say or how to come across, what i do know is that i have finally admitted i need help, having denied and ignored the fact that i have severe depression and anxiety i wanted to explore the fact in what other people have been through and how to deal with it on a day to day basis, any help would be gratefully appreciated. many thanks



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  • Eat well, exercise daily, make sure you interact socially, get a good night's sleep, make sure you get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water (8 glasses per day), visit your g.p (antidepressants may help), try relaxation techniques, mindful colouring books, distraction techniques, try to have a routine throughout the day...have things to look forward to, treat things that make you feel good...


  • Thank you very much for your quick and informative answer Anna ,i really do appreciate the kind and helpful words, maybe i should of had the last post in a two part question, if anyone has any advice about social anxiety and anxiety in general and how to deal with it too, as this seems to take over my life. i start to have panic attacks at work and even with family which is starting to get frustrating, ive tried meditating sleeping but thedarkness always seems to creep back,

    any help greatly appreciated.


  • For anxiety, I would suggest breathing exercises. Breathe in through your nose, hold it for several seconds, then slowly breathe out. Try this for 10 minutes. Also try tensing and relaxing all the muscles in your body, starting at your toes and working up to your head. After this be still and focus on how your body feels. Try focusing on an object - anything, a flower, a picture - to distract yourself from the anxiety. Notice the details, like the colours, smells, textures, etc. Listen to soothing music, or any music you like, lose yourself in the music. Intense physical exercise, be it running, sport, etc, helps reduce feelings of anxiety. Anything to get those endorphins flooding your system! Walk, get fresh air, really notice your surroundings..hope these suggestions help...

  • Anna you have it in one, all that you said is exactly what I do to keep the "black dog" at bay. The routine you devise for yourself is very important and distraction , exercise, and a good night's sleep is also very important, but it is getting in to a routine so that you do not go too much into yourself that I find very helpful , because when you get those days where you can just slip back into negative thought's that are so unhelpful for us , the routine after a while makes your day a bit more bearable because you have something to do that distracts your mind and after a while it becomes automatic .

    So get into a routine RA3001 and I do know that it may sound trite when your at your worse, but it works for me at keeping away the worst of the depressive thoughts, or should I say distracts the depressive thinking , best Alex

  • Thank you for help, knowing there's still people are willing to help out a stranger gives me hope, I hope to get out of this hole that seems like it continues to get deeper, thank you !

  • Great responses, Anna2008!

  • Thankyou, beijaflor41!

  • Thanks for the positive posts, I've recently taking work off due to extreme panic attacks during work, and guessing routine and keeping yourself busy, this all really has given me a lot to think about. Will give this a try

    Many thanks :)


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