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I have awoken with an idea!

As we all know, I'm not having the best of times right at the mo. So I wonder if transference is the answer, say if I got myself a stuffed toy, we will call him say 'Johnty'.

Instead of 'me' saying I feel like c***, could say Johnty has awoken and feels like C***?!

Now in the 5 minutes I actually got with a Psychiatrist he said be careful of 'avoidance'. So would it be transference or avoidance and if so why do they both have to be such long words!

After which the Psychiatrist offered me a stay in his holiday home where apparently I'd get 3 meals a day and room thats was so comfortable it had cushions on the walls and bars on the window so I wouldn't fall out......I jest. You have to excuse me sometimes humour is what gets me through.

I wonder what Houdini would do in this situation :-)

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Wwaaahhhhh no one one likes me....*Caroline throws her self on the floor and flays her arms and legs about*....Im yesterdays news :-(..... Waaaaahh.

What did you say a cuppa and a custard cream oh yes please and one for Johnty, no he's off his food today, I'll have his.......oooh Im feeling better already.

No you're right I didn't 'actually go' to the bike shop yesterday but I am 'thinking' about it now :-) Who knows what could happen in the future...I may actually go!



you were dangerously close to making my snort my mug of tea over the computer screen with that comment!


lol well your laugh made me laugh ...hoorah its like a Mexican Wave :-)



I'm here Caroline me love and I still luvs ya. How did you get to see a psychiatrist? I am lucky if I get a trainee counsellor and an 8 month wait! :) Bev xx


Bev you wont believe this but they said I was crazy! Just kidding.

Erm I went to the docs, got transferred to the middle men, they did and assessment on the phone, couldn't decide if I was bonkers or clearly bonkers so got sent to the big chief (Psychiatrist). He did and assessment sent me to what I now know was merely the registrar who was rude and unhelpful ( I had to see him 3 times!) so I complained.

Then weeks later as this went on for months the toooing and frowing, not councelling I hasten to add. I got an apology and palmed off on to pay for charity councelling service far from where I live, so here endith the tale...I gave up!

If I am bonkers its their fault, they had the opportunity to fix me and couldn't be bothered.

Now I merely speak to you lot and my sis...such is life.



Like the humour. Having a stuffed toy MAY actually help you in that you could talk to it and beat hell out of it when you need to or share a joke with it. That would be transference :)


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Sue beat up a soft toy!? They 'are' real you know :-)

NO I do not carry a 4" bear with me where ever I go! (I do actually...ha ha).

Havent seen you since before the war Suzy, hows school. Im chipping away at homework as we speak.

Im so pleased you both replied I thought the sound was down on my post and no one COULD HEAR ME!!! :-)


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I have a cushion I beat merciless when I get frustrated /angry so even in humour you have hit on a good Idea lol perhaps we could sell "Cushion victims!" hmm do I sense I am a bit wierd


Cushions okay, but NOT soft toys they have feeelings!

Dell, cushions aren't a bit 1970s? What do I know, I still think the war is on... ha ha.

Thanks for the reply. X

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lol that made me laugh , I got told by someone that it is the "Geshtolt " method who ever they were , were very clever


That's something to do with crochet right? ha ha :-)


Only a 4" one, is that all?

School? I think you're thinking of Lucy ?

All well this end thanks, making myself do 7m walk tomorrow - as well as usual Sunday rambling - and on 5:2 diet so weight should shift a little :)


PS I like the Suzie bit, always liked being called that! x


Sorry Suzie may have got mixed up not unusual, I thought you were the Suzie doing the councilling course.

He maybe small but he has a big personality and his own blog, mind you it's not up to date, as he's busy on some big private project, something to do with Bear rescue, air, land and sea.

WOW 7 miles, Ive heard of 7 miles never actually seen them except in the car or on public transport.

When I was a ute I did walk 2 miles to school 4 there and back does that count :-)

Remind me is the war over, I think Ive got some coupons somewhere...ha ha x



First of all Caroline did you ask him if his holiday home is big enough for you to take a friend.

If it is would you please consider me,I am your friend,i do worry and think about you,I really do like you and you could be my best friend.

I like the description of the accomodation and it sounds safe from the outside world,all inclusive etc I think I would return home really refreshed.

The bars on the window sound ideal,we will get fresh air whilst being protected from the people on the outside.

Do I need to fill in any forms or send a deposit,I will send the total balance if it helps.

Is it like a chain of properties across the country if so we could choose one out In the country so it's not too busy.

You would not believe how excited I am and I will be there with " my boots blacked " you just name the location.

Just one more thing and that's when you have had your turn of staying there ,is it possible to return again for a short break.

I have heard of these holiday homes and wondered what the criteria was to qualify to go,now I know I have missed many years of potential holidays.

Do you tick every box on the form/ personal information they need,I ask because I done one like that years ago but I only qualified for some tablets.

I am claustrophobic though so fingers crossed they are nice big rooms not like some of the cheap bed and breakfasts people go to some are like cells.

I have searched the web for this type of holiday all I kept coming up with was this.

I presume it's a complimentary jacket,not sure what colours they come in but beggars can't be choosers.

Need to reply to all my friends on this forum to where I have been,what I have been doing and what I intend to do so as you can imagine it will be two or three sentences long.

P.s don't pack a dressing gown/cardigan they supply them .

Love to you Caroline,sorry for inviting myself but I couldn't qualify on my own,it makes you that even bit more special.

Lovely love off lovely me to lovely you.

Going to start calling you queeney as you are a card!


Picture will have to follow due to myself having technical failures

X x


Michelle you are clearly potty and made me laugh, not only do I think you'll pass to get in but they may have you at the head of the queue!

There's a film by Mel Brookes called 'High Anxiety' (a Hitchcock spoof) ...sooo funny, it is set in such and establishment called the 'The Pscho-Neurotic institute for the Very, Very Nervous'. Now get this because my life is in the twilight zone the psychiatrist who saw me is called Dr Doctor, no word of lie!

Thanks for the friends stuff, you lot are a few of the only friends I have left, I succeeded in off loading a number of friends a few years ago but then I went too far. Now Im alone :-( Just me and my bear. It's okay I can make new friends just as soon as I get around to going out again... ha ha.

Did you ever see or read Rebecca, you know Daphne Du Maurier, I always quite fancied living in her house, you know by the sea all that, without the dangerous ex-wife in the attic though.

Okay so no PJs, No cardi....slippers?

4pm next Thursday suit you? :-)



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