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Why am I so emotional ?

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Over the last couple of months I’ve been feeling really sad. Ever since I have had a boyfriend I’ve become more confident with going out by myself but when I am not with him I feel really depressed. I used to have anxiety when I was in school, I got a boyfriend, gained confidence, but then when things got real , like I left school ,got a job I feel so so sad all of the time. We had an argument about a month ago and he said he didn’t care about me. The few days that I was without him was torture and I became ill because of it and the feeling of heart break was unbearable. We are back together now but it feels like I have been traumatised by that experience and never want to feel like that again so makes me really depressed when I’m not with him incase he feels that way again. I know that I am insecure about things and I never really tell him about my insecurities because I don’t want him to get annoyed with me. It doesn’t help that I lost most of my friends aswell when me and him got together so now the only light in my life is him , I need a distraction from him. I always think I’m going to feel better when I’m with him, and don’t get me wrong I do a little bit but I know that that feeling of sadness is always always there and I can’t get rid of it. I’m sat at home and I should be relaxed but all I can do is try and hold back the tears. I was never this emotional before , I don’t know what’s happening to me ???!!!

3 Replies

Hi my advice is to start reconnecting with some friends so you have outlets. It's never a good idea to put all your emotional eggs in 1 basket as you get too dependent on 1 persons opinion of you. Contact friends and start seeing them again. x


You need to grow up and get real !

No so called boyfriend is worth deserting your friends anyway it is not healthy depending on one person like you do ...trust me it will only end one way !!!

You need to become more independent and start enjoying life with your friends and your boyfriend in equal measure ....you are young you have your whole life in front of you , don’t destroy it for a boyfriend who will most likely be out if your life in a couple of years ..... enjoy your youthfulness and don’t

allow your self to become a prisoner.......start living !!

It really is in your hands ....just try living and enjoying life with your pals it will make you better in yourself ..have a laugh and don’t get tied down.........not yet any way .

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You are possibly feeling Love for your partner and this can if not careful will make you move away from those friends you had in the past. The danger can be you being insular in your feelings. that are rotating around your boyfriend with the exclusion of everyone else.

It seems your boyfriend may not have these deep feelings as you because of the situation you find yourself in. Your feelings, deep love will be preventing you from picking up on the actual attitude of your Partner. You need a break from each other especially if you see each other most days of the week. Further friendships will help you relate and put your feelings in some form of perspective. If you are so much involved in someone you need to understand, be strong and consider your Partners attitude to you,

Then, be strong and consider because of His attitude can He be in love with you or is He using you. You are still very young and being in love with love can make you very insular. decisions, this can be a problem especially first love



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