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Why can't I cope?


I felt so happy a couple months ago. I felt like I could conquer anything. I knew how to cope and live better. What happened? I have all the tools but I've gone down a spiral. I can't focus on what I need to do to find peace. I'm too anxious and irritated all the time. I've been struggling with facing old traumas and letting others bother me.. it is ruining me. I just want to get back to conquering my mental illness. Not lie awake all night with anxiety and negative thoughts. Trying to find the positive light again.

Tomorrow needs to be the change... Only I can make it better. I need to kill people with kindness.

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Don't drain yourself trying to change other people.

Focus on what you have control over, that is you.

You need to come to terms with any Trauma you had in the past and move on in your life.

If you take into consideration each concern, split them in to small bites and hopefully correct each on until you sort that problem out then move on to the next one. you can always return later and complete that task.

It is also important you are able to relax, Mindfulness Relaxation Technique may help, give it a try. Purchase books on the Internet that explain the technique for about £7.OO stg


Yes, I need to take my own advice and relax more. The happiness group I started was so positive for me. When I sit with negative thoughts, I cant seem to snap out of it. It takes a lot of mind power. But night time is always so much harder than my mornings.

Eat things you enjoy, have fun and relax - try any of these techniques and really enjoy yourself - watch comedy or something interesting

The worlds a pretty stressful place to cope with! Be kind to yourself and don't beat ya self up when you have bad days, lazy days, hermit days. Like you said, you were productive before and know how to get stuff done :) spend time in nature or try gardening. Plants have a very soothing nature and always help take me away from all the bu//s*it that comes as part of the parcel for such a diverse expansive species. It reminds me to just be. And from this always comes energy <3 hope you get your mojo back

Thanks🙂 my anxiety has been taking over. We got a bunch of snow and yesterday was a being cooped up at home day. Usually I don't mind stay at home days but I was really getting in my own head about things.

I have to figure this out. Life is too short to feel this awful. I have so many things to be grateful for.

Try not to be too hard on yourself to improve. As you say tomorro different day, even the afternoon or evening can be different to a morning. Relax , be kind to yourself and others , some small simple tasks . Council advice to me was to try not to compare judge or make demands of others practically or emotionally and importantly yourself. Just focus on what you would like to do today and tomorro as someone has mentioned . Councillors would tell me off for using the word Need as implies being too harsh :) I would like ! Was their preferable choice and I think it makes sense :)

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I like this response. I feel like its what I needed to hear.

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