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Why can't I get affordable therapy

I do have insurance and I can't afford to get the help I need..

How do I find a therapist who will also work with my G.P. Please any advice.. ( I live in Michigan)

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Hello fellow Michigander, Your Doctor should recommend a therapist for you. Some therapist will use a sliding scale so you only pay a percentage. You'll probably have to do some searching , but you should be able to find someone. Pam


Thank you I have a trust issues with a lot of Dr's for a lot or issues...When I was 10 my stepfather beat me and raped me. I went to my school for help.I. also went to the police and they didn't care .So I tryed to kill my self ,it took 3 mental hospital for someone to help. So I went and lived with my dad. After a few weeks I moved in with my boyfriend who was 22 years old I was 13 years old. My dad didn't care. Then I ment my husband and we have been together since 1991. I have been working on finding a therapist who I feel like I can trust...Thank you for the advice.


I'm sorry for all that happened to you and it shouldn't have. When you do find a therapist I hope it will help you get rid of some of the pain you must be in. The question you asked was why can't you afford a good therapist even with insurance. The answer is I don't know . You might try contacting some government agencies or search on line. Pam


I want to say thanks for your time. My husband is so wonderful and hes trying to understand and now he will lay there and just hold me.He is the one who said that I had to ask my mom why she don't care what her husband was doing to me. SHE SAID I WAS WORKING WHAT DID U WANT ME TO DO.




Your husband sounds like such a comfort . I believe most of us don't expect others to solve our problems but to comfort us while we go through them. You can go on and on here as much as you like or need to. Pam

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