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It’s hard to tell ppl about my mental illnesses- I rather fall back !

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QUESTION: when “others” are interested in dating me or forming a relationship...I often get this question which is —->why are you so interested in mental health that you have decided to be an advocate???

ANSWER: Because for one I don’t think you are fully aware/informed about mental health. Even though mental health is starting to surface there is still a lot of stigma revolving mental illnesses.

Random reflection—-On thanksgiving afternoon my sister made a joke about her being Bipolar. All I could do is look at her. But in my mind that made me frustrated how she joked about it and used the term so loosely ! But maybe I’m just in my feelings.


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For your answer I would say “most people aren’t fully informed”. Don’t make it personal with the person you are talking with by saying you. I agree with your reflection and I’ve seen similar things happen especially with ocd. I don’t think it would wrong to say to the person that x condition is very serious and you shouldn’t make jokes about it.

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Thank you. I was wondering if I should’ve said something. So it’s okay to tell my diagnoses to someone who’s interested in me. Have you read my bio. I was told not to tell ppl because then they would think I’m crazy.


It all comes down to you and your Mental Health Concerns. Before I met my future Wife I dated a girl with a mental health concern, that did not bother me at that time. She had been involved with an older man and the relationship broke down as the girl needed Electric Shock Treatment on regular occasions, treatment had a bad effect on Her memory. and that really made matters worse.

She Sectioned herself after we had been together for about a month and ended back on the Wards again, they started treatment again and at the hospital explained to me, She would go back in on regular occasions for a bit of current, so the relationship failed between us

It is always difficult to advise if you should explain your illness to a new relationship, we cannot see or understand how you are when you are emotional with a new Partner, only you can make that decision especially if you are becoming stable

Being interested in Mental Health is sometime a means to an end, hopefully with talking to like minded people that will help you to move on through any condition you may have The actual talking on these sites will help you and any problems you may have.

You are correct regarding mental Health and those who do not suffer the tribulations of this health concern. People are concerned how your condition will effect relationships, friendships etc and would prefer not to not become involved. Mental Illness is a condition that worries people, you also may need to be able control any insular feeling you may have because sometimes people can pick up on this and feel unsettled around you. You mention your Sister, Her attitude is quite normal when dealing with Mental Illness.

Generally mental Health condition need not be a concern especially if it is Depression or Anxiety, you would eventually mention your problem, sometimes sooner rather than later.

It all depends on how you present yourself, What is normal to you may be frightening to them



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