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I can't tell what's me and what's my mental issues

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I honestly can't tell what's me and what's the anxiety,depression,OCD,depression, etc. I feel disconnected from myself, i feel like im just anxiety fuled now. I feel so emtionally numb and disconnected. I just don't have a strong sense of self.

I believe all the negative thoughts my mind tells me, especially the negative ones about me. Its hard to see the real me

Hope this makes sense and isn't confusing

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It is important we do not overthink our problems, doing that just makes matters worse.

If something is worrying you consider breaking the problem up into little bits and sort out each small bit, a small piece of a problem is easier to put right than taking one big gulp, all it does is make you cough and feel worse.

Sometimes I personally feel being disconnected from a problem allows us time to rest and look on the bright side of the problem

In the morning I am quite disconnected with what is going on, however I generally listen to music and that helps me.


It makes sense to me. I feel the same way.

I get what your saying 100percent.

I have no idea who I am anymore, I had my job role taken from me (midwife) as well in the last 18months and that has also not helped- I felt my job helped me with my identity and sense of self but now I'm....well I don't know really, just numb, lost, confused, I find I pick up on other peoples personality traits, especially stronger types, which messes with who I really am even more. It's so hard.

I suffer from profound complex, OCD, which causes extreme anxiety, and depression 'from time to time', I think it's a vicious cycle, and I have had OCD since 1994, so hopefully this gives you someone who cam empathize with you and chat to if you wish, as well as ask questions.

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Thank you!!

You are welcome.

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