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I am mentally ill and can’t control it

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I don’t feel like living I am suicidal and I hate everyone around me even my husband I don’t understand anything if anyone explains me anything I am very stubborn I am not able to accept my life the way it is I stay in a fantasy world and I hate doing any work I a always sad

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I'm sorry you feel like this. But dont worry you're not alone <3

What to do I just don’t feel like living at all whenever I am with anyone I hate anyone talking

talk to your doctor. you need therpy asap, once this starts to work you'll be able to see beauty in life again. Stay strong and stay here. xxxx

I am consulting a doc but I don’t listen to her also i am into my own thinking I don’t think I will ever b alright

Make an appointment with your GP, make a list of your problems so you do not forget anything. Let us know how you get on


What is GP

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alonensad in reply to Shilpa08

General Practitioner, basically your doctor.

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My doc tells me that I have to do my own


I am in the UK a GP is your family Doctor, Consider your own needs and expectation if you need to take advice regards your health no-one else can know how intense your needs are, you need to talk to someone who can help you get well and place you on a relevant pathway to help you.

If you need to change your Doctor I suppose you have that choice and family members need to understand your needs and expectations. In India Society in general is completely different however if they are controlling and toxic that needs to be approached and sorted out.

Are you able to walk away possibly to your own family home or any places of safety in other areas that can help ?


I know you were having difficulty accepting your husband's family and you live in India? But try for yourself to talk to professional, again. Think you can do whatever you want and choose the life you want

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I myself don’t know what I want sometimes I want to leave this house sometimes I can’t there is so much confusion and all day I am thinking this

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Sometimes, we want to make it work and other times we want to leave - having both these feelings - you have to do it for yourself and not worry about them - if they are not nice to you then you have to decide - depends on what is really happening

I need someone to talk to

Change your doctor. A different doctor may help you feel more comfortable talking you through your problems. You can see a different one in same practice if it's easier. Hope that helps.

I’m sorry you feel this way. Do you have someone who you can talk to? Or a therapist?

I feel for you. Sometimes depression manifests as frustration and animosity with the people around us. Sometimes it's the people around us that are the problem. It doesn't sound like you've figured out which? Of course, I'm not on here much and don't know your story. Your welcome to send me a message if you'd like to chat.

My depression and anger is expressed as short-temperedness and anger at people. This kills me because I'm actually a very compassionate and empathetic person, so on top of it, I carry an unbelievable amount of guilt. Therapists never helped and the meds always made me more confused and ill-tempered.

I have an appointment to start with a new therapist tomorrow. Sometimes all we can do is keep trying. I've been at the point so many times that I just want to end it all. But I feel like that's not a feasible option until I know I've tried everything there is to try, and I haven't come close yet. We only get one chance at this.

So I promised myself I'd exhaust all my resources before I made such a huge decision I can't take back. After all, if you're suicidal, does it really matter if you wait another 6 months? Another year? The option will always be there. The last thing I want is to be in my last moments of life and realize there's more I could have done to change my circumstances, and it be too late.

We have people coming to our mental health cafe, who can describe their lives in very similar terms. It is often the case that a few visits, giving them time to talk to others who are going through comparable experiences, and offloading the pressures they are going through, starts a process of self acceptance and a deeper insight into the triggers that cause such desperate thought patterns. Do you have any support networks in your area? It’s a big step to take, but one that might just give you the outlet you need until you feel stronger to begin accepting more structured, professional help. I hope you find your way through to a better state of mind.

Sorry to hear about you. Have you tried contacting a charity called Minds? Very good and quick to respond. Can refer yourself.

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Shilpa08 in reply to Catatvet05

I am in India where is it

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Catatvet05 in reply to Shilpa08

Oh I see. Could you search online? Here is a link for another charity across broad spectrum of mental health services unitedgmh.org/mental-health...

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DimWeasel in reply to Shilpa08

Sorry Shilpa. This is in England.

I just need someone to talk to and understand

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