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Help please


Trigger warning Anyone there to help with overwhelming feelings of crisis after first counselling meeting ?

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I can’t say I am goin through this exactly but I do feel the overwhelming feelings of crisis 💞😞I was just posting that I’m going through soo much pain right now so I feel for you you’re not alone

I'm not sure what I need to do...I really feel so alone and just want to opt out ...but I am held to ransom by my do I continue ...

I may not know the best thing to say to you I am not a parent yet so I’m sure there are others on here may relate more but all I can say is your brave to here and you’re trying even though it’s soo hard so don’t give up!!

You said you went to counseling that’s a brave step I can’t seem to even get there myself. I’m here because it’s all I have right now that I can manage because pain I hav is debilitating so trying to just take 1 minute, 1 step at a time!

I know's so dreadfully hard

I just need to not be able to feel anymore

I'm switching off now ...hoping I can sleep

Thank you for being there

How can I help,

If you are feeling panic caused by your Therapist, can you explain the reasons why ?

Sometimes bringing out your fears with someone you do not know, or has brought about a fear that has had a negative reaction you may suffer negative feelings of stress and anxiety. How long have you been seen by this Health Professional ?


Do you mind me asking more what you’re goin through?

Reaching out is so hard. And often it takes time to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and even then it takes time. How old are your children? Kids can take a lot out of you! Hold on! Breathe in/breathe out. Better days will come even though sometimes it’s hard to believe.

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