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**Trigger Warning** I NEED YOUR HELP

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My name is Remmy from Tanzania East Africa..Last year i failed to continue to my study in University Due to passing away of my parents who pay fees..Now am in street experiencing Tough life Which led to deep Thinking of killing my self..I live with no hope And i think I have guilt of living This World..I planned to kill my self last week But innocent people saved me..My Brain was in deep depression with no Hope of living again..I need your advice 😭😭😭😭😭 am in Derema..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Get a job as kitchen assistant - on facebook or reed - some people help English learners who want to study university degrees also may be able to help or care assistant - these are the jobs most people get when starting out or maybe you get a loan


You failed to complete your University Papers, if this is the case and you are unable to continue on with your studies look for work that represents what you have learned already. Doing that may lead to a doorway to take you back through to completing your studies in an alternate way. You will hopefully gain confidence and move on

If you remain the way you are failure will become self fulfilling and your mood and depression will become deeper and you will have problems getting back on the track you desire.

You can of course discuss your concerns with your Doctor, you can get medications to help. You need to consider any implications if you wish to follow your chosen course in a round about way



Hi Remmy

I am so sorry for your loss. I want to say that you are a strong person for reaching out for help at this difficult time.

I think you need to speak to a Bereavement Counsellor to help you through this as it was extremely traumatic for you. Is that available where you are?

I hope that people have helped you to find housing and food. I think that shall make you feel better in the short term, while finding work.

I am presuming that you are in Africa.

If you are in the UK, you can register with Housing at the local Council who shall find you a place to stay and possibly open up referrals for counselling, and help to get into work.

This is temporary; you are strong enough to get through this.

Stay safe and well.


Hi there,

Welcome to our community. I am truly sorry for your loss this is a hard burden to bear. Hopefully, you will find folks here are very supportive. You will notice that we have added a ** Trigger Warning** (TW) to your post heading as you mention that you have been thinking about killing yourself. I appreciate that you are a new member on the Shaw Mind Foundation, and may not be aware of the wider impact of what you are saying.

We need to respect the fact that some of our community are vulnerable like yourself, and would find your post upsetting. So adding a TW allow them the option to avoid your post if they want to.

You are obviously going through a really difficult time right now, and we take everything you say very seriously. I would urge you to talk about your situation if possible with a doctor, a mental health professional or support worker so they can help you through this. I have done a web search for mental health support in Tanzania, which is limited, but you may find you can start the ball rolling by contacting these organisations:

Basic Needs Charity: basicneeds.org/where-we-wor...

Mental Health Association of Tanzania (MEHATA)

PO Box 65293

Dar es Salaam


Phone: +255757528295

Email: info@mehata.org

Web: mehata.org

Mental Health Network (MHN) – a global community of mental health innovators – Tanzania contacts: mhinnovation.net/organisati...

Central & North West London NHS – Tanzanian link with Mirembe Hospital (Tanzania’s national psychiatric referral hospital in Dodoma)


Also, check out our Pinned posts section for useful information including our free downloadable pdf mental health guides: shawmindfoundation.org/free...

Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing. We may not be able to offer a lot of practical help, but we can listen.

Is there anyone on this community from Tanzania or with links to mental health provision in this country who can help this new member?

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

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Some questions to see what your choices are would be helpful for you to decide a direction to go. Please stay hydrated as that helps and take deep breaths, assuring the breath outward is longer to calm you fears. Are there any family members available to you? If so ask them for aide and help with your planning. Stay on line here to ask for advice hopefully from those who understand better. You have been in school for a long time, perhaps ask them what they can do to help or offer you a job to pay for you studies, room and board in your work you are studying. This way you get experience as well. It will be harder to study and work full time but you would be surprised how easy it is to do the work you are studying to do. It is so much more applicable when you are doing what you are studying. So sorry for your loss. It will take time as this was a major loss for you and the pain will not go away easily but every day it will get easier and easier. Seek any house of worship or missionaries or ask at places for a job where you are safe and there is a stable person there who can protect you. The school must have some thoughts for you. If one does not have an answer, go to a teacher, or the librarian, or the financial aide people, keep asking each day until you get a window for your continuation of school. Who can help you find housing and food as someone suggested? Family? Teachers or friends? Reach out and believe you are worth it to do so. Help at a hospital or as someone suggested a kitchen or a resort, if there are any there, a library, a student of language or a tutor if the school can use your expertise. Help a professor to provide guidance for a future. Make a list of all those who have helped you in your youth and start on that list for reaching out for help. Just suggestions in case you did not think of them. I know how afraid you are but you will grow stronger because of this huge setback as that is what it is. One you will grow and learn from. Some day you will be able to help someone else in a similiar situation. When you get afraid just look for something in nature that brings you back to beauty. Orient to that and your surroundings in nature until the fear subsides, taking three slow deep breaths, out is most important. Sometimes just touching you heart with your palm can calm the heart and the thymus gland. Touch like a heart beat three times softly, then do same twice more, total of three of these honoring you nervous thymus gland in the body. then go about your day. It is way to honor your nervous system that is overwhelmed. BTW Remmy is a great name.

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