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I Just Know You've Been Waiting For Me!


Just saying "Hi!" to my brothers and sisters out there, hoping to connect with fellow soldiers fighting the good fight. Who understands us better than we do? Any pearls of wisdom I can glean from you are welcome, and perhaps I've got something to offer, too!

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Hello Mickle13

Thanks for your message and welcome to this group.

What are you fighting? How is it going for you?

Yes our members are wise and very supportive so may be able to help.

Let us know more about you and yes any wisdom you can offer us is also appreciated.

I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.

Best wishes and look forward to hearing from you

Mickle13 in reply to MAS_Nurse

I'm fighting MS, depression, anxiety, and "senior moments". For years I've allowed myself to feel like a victim of these circumstances...living in fear of what may come next. It's often not pretty on these fronts, but I'm learning how to be at peace with what I can't control and search for the strength to fight what I can. It's surely a process, not a destination! Some days I win, some days still look dark. But I'm gathering all of the resources and support I can find, and truly appreciate your warm welcome to your community.

Eian59 in reply to Mickle13

Hi Mickle

Welcome to the site I hope you find something that helps you here. You seem to be in control of your situation. It's good if you can come to terms with what you can't change

And concentrate on the things that you can. I know what you mean about good days and bad days,we all have them but it's how you deal it that matters. I know from my own experience that it's hard to deal with sometimes and some advice is easier said than done. We all need some friends and support from each other that's what makes this site so good. If you want to talk about anything just message. You can talk about anything or just vent your feelings if you want.

I hope you keep fighting and get the strength to change the things you can.

remember if you need to talk just message.

Regards. Eian

Mickle13 in reply to Eian59

Hi Eian!

Thank you for your words. My sense of being in control of my issues is frequently an illusion. I'll feel confident one day, sure I have a handle on my situation....then the next I feel hopeless and powerless over the storm of despair and physical limitations. I can talk a good game....until it falls apart again. When I feel like I'm "circling the drain", I can still see my positive, confident self. But that person is just beyond my grasp and all I can do is wait for the storm to pass.

I truly appreciate having the chance to be able to express myself here, and to know that I'm not alone in my struggles. Family and friends can be supportive, but it takes someone who's been there to understand.

Thanks for listening!

Eian59 in reply to Mickle13

Hi Mickle

I know what you mean,it is a nightmare when the cloud comes down.

It's worse when you know that there is nothing you can do about it as it takes

Over your whole body. I have tried everything to shake it off but now I let it run its course. I know it's not going to last forever so I wait until my thoughts are better.

You are right in that it's better to talk about it with people who have similar problems as they know what you are going through . I hope you have more good days than bad and get some peace. Remember anytime you want to talk about anything just message me.

Regards Eian

I am going through a rough patch myself at this time, I try and divert my thoughts with my list of hobbies and activities even though I am very restricted now for what I can do.

My disability mimics MS and this makes life even more problematic as I suffer a great of discomfort and stiffness, on Thursday, last week my GP has now diagnosed some form of problems with my shoulders and arms where they seem to lock at various times. To be honest there was so much being discussed at the time the problem and diagnosis seemed to ride over my head, I will ask the nurse on Tuesday when I have my full spectrum of blood tests on Tuesday.

So called senior moments come to us uall, i feel similar to you and sometimes I become frightened especially when they start discussing changing my tranche of medications.

All I can really suggest is keep in mind we all get older, you are not alone. I know I am getting older when my Wife prefers to discuss my health in Surgery with the GP. There is very little we can do other than follow the wishes of our GP and look for ways to move on from those concerns that are beginning to haunt us.

Sad to say I returned from holiday with all tasks awaiting us at home. Tonight I have been given my Orders and will try and cut and pair down various plants in the garden.

At least I suppose that will divert my negative thoughts away from my failing health.

Diverting your thoughts should help you not to dwell on your concerns. Do what you can try not to do what is expected by others. you will move on with small footsteps and an understanding of your own expectations



I love your quote, "...look for ways to move on from those concerns that are beginning to haunt us". That's exactly how I feel! Fear about what is happening combined with specters of the future haunt me...always there, in the back of my mind.

As you mentioned, figuring out my expectations of myself help me move forward. It's tricky to avoid the pitfall of living up to others' expectations of me. Sorting all of that out can be confusing!



You need to move on Mitch, your own disability will beat you down if you allow it.

I personally just live for the day and try and rise up above your health problems. It is hard I know, life is not easy in all cases.

Be strong You Will Win


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