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Finally went to my doctor

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A year gone December I felt the scales tipping the wrong way. I'm at rock bottom and recognised that I couldn't continue this way. Luckily the gp I saw has been active in my care for a lot of years and understanding. Dealing with a sick family including elderly mum is taking its toll, throw in an ongoing divorce, hating my job and failing in many other areas due to brain fog because of constant full body joint pain and celiac and heart issues (both newish issues to deal with. I've succumbed and excepted medication, a newer version of citalopram which I used to be on some years ago.

This morning I'm headachy and nauseous.

Was offered a sick note but said no as my employer doesn't offer sick pay and my finances are in a mess.

I handed in the request for counselling and not sure how long this will take. I tried talking changes a couple of months ago and started a hobby and joined a church but I didn't like the narrowness of the support which was via telephone

Right now I'm not confident things will change, this has constantly raised its ugly head for most of my life since my early teens, I'm now 60. ...... One step at a time I guess 😕

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You have a particularly unwelcome set of problems at the moment which you will come through and survive, I'm glad to say. That of course is not a guarantee but is the way I would bet. You have n't come through 60 years to do a Devon Loch in the home straight and you must know by now that things will almost certainly improve and life will be good again. Again thats not a guarantee but I've never known it not to happen for me or others and I'm quite a bit older.

You deserve a lot of credit for what you have achieved so far and if you keep doing the things you've always done you'll come through this stronger than ever. I hope that this happens for you very soon but in the meantime seek and accept all the help you can get. Psychiatric drugs vary in effectiveness but if you and your GP find the right one (s) then they can give quite a bit of help and in any case always help a bit,as they make you feel that you are at least doing all you can to get back to enjoying life.You might need to try one or two before you find the best one for you but you probably won't need to try a third as by then I would bet quite heavily you'll be better and things will have improved.


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Thank you. I don't hold my breath any more and friends comment about the constant issues and stress but guess it has to come to an end sooner or later

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