Hi i have just had the worst weekend . i suffer with depression was out with daughter for 18th birthday , i had been drinking ..lost it ended up with loads of police with me and the wonderful ambulance people helping me .Got taken to hosptal wanted to be sectioned ,that never happened . The crisis ream talked to me i told them i wanted to kill some one . They let me out knowing this and told me i would have to go to court if it happened . A ll they said was monday some1 will contact you . I have stayed in not spoken to any1 ...even the person i still want to hurt. All i need is mt tablets i am on to be sorted told drs pytrist they are not working. what do i do xx

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  • I am tempted to just write "Goodnight Vienna". I am sorry however you've had a bad weekend but in as much I can understand your post, you 've probably had a better one than you deserve.

    Presumably if your daughter is 18 , you will be at least in your mid thirties, Suffering from depression , drinking presumably more than was good for you , especially if you're taking anti depressants ,that's some example you're setting your daughter. What do you do ?

    Well I would sober up , write a coherent post (hopefully I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick ) and we'll try to help. Depression is not nice and difficult to treat but you also have to make some sort of effort to help yourself. I'm a bit of a chancer myself but not that big a chancer.


  • Hi

    The crisis team are useless and to actually let you go when you said what you said. I know it doesnt help your case but they are stretched. A lot of people seem to be disregarded which makes us feel worse.

    Are you diwn with mental health and been offerred councilling


  • Thank you sueb i am , will contact them tuesday xx

  • Vienna hi

    Get in touch with your doc and let them know your meds are not working they may be able to help with something else.

    I think as well if you mix alcohol and meds the alcohol stops meds from working and of course is not safe. Best not to mix the two x

    Are you getting councilling. Maybe that would put your life in perspective.

    I hope everything works out for you.

    Message me on this site im always here and there are a lot of people i am sure who care. Xx

    Speak soon

    Sue x

  • Thank you coughalot, for you reply. It is monday and still had no phone call.. Tuesday i willl phone drs . Ty again people need to understand depression is different in all people x

  • You are very welcome Vienna. And I agree with you. x

  • Hi Vienna, sorry to hear you are at crisis point and feeling alone and frightened.

    It must be so scary to be in this situation and think no-one is helping or maybe understanding your fear. Get yourself somewhere safe inside and if you are unable to try and calm those thoughts please pick up the phone and call someone like the Samaritans who are trained to help you talk through your feelings and get your thoughts back under control.

    Get back to your doctor as soon as possible, if you feel safer taking the meds to control this anger, then take them, had you run out at the moment I didn't quite understand? But also see about counselling, something like CBT can be very helpful.

    Keep telling yourself that what you are thinking is not in your best interest and you are not going to listen, all thoughts eventually go and get replaced by better ones, which is why when you are safely in your own home you can look to other distractions that can help.

    Alcohol can never help as is distorts everything, try to be kind to your body so that it will serve you well, self compassion is never so easy, but keep trying, things can look very different when you look after what's on the inside as well as the outside.

    You can't undo how you have acted or what you have said, but that doesn't mean you can't move forward in a new light and sometimes try to make amends when you feel you may have done wrong.

    I hope things get a little better very soon, there is help out there even when it seems too take far too long to reach you, but it wil. Lots of hugs your way xxx

  • THank you Ladeda x

  • Hi Vienna you have been in the wars haven't you? I presume you have reached crisis point and the alcohol pushed you over the edge. Alcohol is a depressant and will make depression worse and it sounds like it triggered off your meltdown. .

    I am sure you will get the call back and I hope they can help you. Not a good situation to be in. How is your daughter? x

  • MY Daughters have both been a great help to me over the years xx

  • Hi there, I've noticed your posts before and that you suffered abuse as a child yet find it hard to talk about now. Was this person you wanted to harm your abuser? It seems that you need help to work through your early life issues as you are not coping well at the moment. I do hope you get the call, but if you don't do call them but you need to seek long term help with these issues or unfortunately they will keep rearing their ugly head and you could end up in trouble when you don't want to be.x

  • Hi Stilltrying TY yes 1 is my abuser and second one ,my drs and help team know who it is ,and i keep away from the person to protect her xx

  • Ah I get it now. No wonder you were so upset and traumatised by meeting this person. I would be exactly the same. x

  • Hi Vienna,

    I totally understand where you're coming from, the problem with significant events such as a family party, they put so much pressure on us to have a good time, we get nervous and tend to drink too much. I have ruined more than one family event and found out the hard way that Prozac, wine and depression simply don't mix. Try not to beat yourself up about the weekend, go back to your Doctor and ask to be referred for long term therapy and get your meds checked. It might be that the medication is making you feel worse, especially when you mix it with alcohol.

    Good luck and keep everyone up informed about how you're doing x

  • Hi I had neglect as a child and more and I understand the turning to booze shame we can't control it eh. Hope you get that call soon.

  • Thank you mysmugcat , its true ,still waiting on call will follow it up tuesday xx

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