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IN 16 DAYS 💔


In 16 days it will make one year since my 57 yr best friend/life-sister of 29 years. During the time that she fell ill ( which happened quite often unfortunately, she suffered COPD. But, I was fighting kidney malfunction, my kidney was only working 10 to 15% ,my body was full of toxins, I was throwing up etc. all the time & bloated full of fluid - & scheduled for surgery in a month, but yet I still could have gotten in a car and went to check on my best friend, my better half & make her go to the dr. .. I was the only one that could have Forced her and I didn’t. She had a severe respiratory infection , along with scleroderma (which I knew nothing about at the time ) and she wrote it off to just a skin condition. I’m wiser now, but it’s too late now ! She went into a respiratory failure was rushed to the ER by her son and within a day her digestive system organs hardened and died as if they had a stroke due to lack of oxygen - emergency surgery was attempted but they just closed her back up , there was nothing to do you know when it comes to your whole digestive system shutting down, she died within 2 days. We were like Bonnie and Clyde and knew each other‘s thoughts without sometimes even seeing each other. If you read my stories than you know about my home life since her death it’s not easy it’s not fun ever !! Yes I focus on what I have now (blessings) But... they’ll never be another that I give my whole heart too... I am dreading the 20th .

To The Moon & Back My Sweet Love !!!

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Hi Cocoon3, thank you for your post. I am sure you did all you could to help your best friend/life sister at a time when you were feeling very unwell yourself. It is so hard when we lose someone. You sounded very close and must have some wonderful memories. On 20th January, perhaps you could do something special, perhaps revisit a place where you both enjoyed? Also, some bereavement counselling may help you to work through your feelings and you could ask your GP about this. Look after yourself. Keep posting on this caring forum. Thank you and best wishes

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Thank you for your kind words at a time right now in my life....that is not positive in any areas

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