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Sometimes clarity is a great thing to have but at the same time it can hurt you. Dwelling in stuff that might never happen is quite sad too cause it's like you'd hold on to hope that there's a chance it could work but then someone gives you the raw truth of the situation. So it's like whether you've been loved in vain just know that someday someone would say those three words to you and mean it. There's still hope out there for everyone of us that's struggling. Weather it be in relationships,school,home or play we're gonna get through this someday. No matter how down you feel, you gotta get up and fight for what you want. Cause I'm just done with being disappointed by people. I am going to breathe again and move forward from what I went through whether I keep my word to do so or not. There's always a better way to things in life whether you walk by yourself or you have someone there with you just know you don't stand alone. Whether you're picky like me or not sure what you want in life that's fine. Everything takes time to fall in place not everyone moves at the same pace we all do stuff differently. Just like how we hurt differently and no matter how much advice we receive we still don't feel whole as we should but it's fine to be broken. Not sure how we'd heal but it'd happen. Weather you open up easily or not to people everything takes time and I know when the end result turns out to be unsuccessful as in you wasted your time it hurts and sucks but never regret something you once wanted. Sometimes all it takes is honesty in a friendship or in everything we face it's always better to be truthful. Don't hide your feelings cause if you keep it bundled up you'd hurt yourself. Tell people how you feel today cause you know tomorrow isn't promised take risks have fun with life. Be who you wanna be, a better you. Don't let one situation keep you down cause if you just keep waiting around I'm not sure if you'd move on you need to take that first step to know you deserve better. An trust me once you know you deserve better your whole world would change. Never lower yourself for anyone and if someone isn't gonna change their negative qualities just know you probably weren't destined to be. Only you would know you deserve better and just know love dies sometimes but it's fine.

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Hello Charmerbluegirl. Thank you for your thoughtful post and for sharing your experience and wisdom. Best wishes.

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