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Lost the fight to carry on


Well I have done it. Made gp appointment next Tuesday. Still struggling got worse for sure as thanks to the change going through the exhaustion stage. Yes still in same situation. Just feel sad all the time even when doing nice things. I am putting my lipstick on and happy smiley face but underneath is awful. Motivation at home bad! The doc put me on citraplam last time 20 mg but did not touch me at all. I take menopace when I can be bothered to! Just want to sleep but, I do but disturbed.

Fed up of life not moving forward!

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So sorry you’re feeling so down. Just keep trying your best and stay motivated. Sounds like you’re doing a great job by trying to do nice things, contacting your Dr. and getting yourself ready for the day. Prayers for relief 💜

Sorry you are feeling so down and out. However you will be seeing your GP soon and it may be there will be a standard increase of your AD medications

Hormonal medications can affect the mood, your GP needs to address this, or it may take time for the drug to work. AD drugs may also take upwards of five weeks, then there may be an increase that may take a further two/three weeks to give relief

Make a list of your feelings, fears and concerns this will help you get more out on the time allocated to you


Congratulations on making the appointment, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you

you've not lost the fight its just that as yet you've not yet won the battle but you will if you keep striving for better.please don't leave anything behind when you go to your gp.i wrote down my current struggles and he said this will take at three appointments to get a solution to them.maybe that's something you could do.many time when we close that door we are like gosh I should have said this and that so make sure you tell him how it is.good luck.

No worries it WILL go . Be patient . Structure your day . Push yourself . Only the toughest are blessed with mental disorder .


Thank you for that. I will do that. Will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your reply, very grateful.

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