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Did I have a panic attack?

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Hey guys. Yesterday I was round my new boyfriends and I randomly started shaking uncontrollably, couldn’t focus, my breathing was deep but fast... I dunno what happened!! After a few minutes I was okay again! Has anyone got any suggestions at what could have happened? Thank you

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hi I get this I also head sweats as well confusion a little.im no doctor but for me its panic attack but that's not to say what your having.its best to go to the doctors just to be on the safe side.

Ahh okay thank you

It certainly sounds like you had a panic attack, I had an attack like this (although mine lasted for quite a while) and the doctor did say it was an panic attack, so as kenster1 says best to have a chat with your GP.

So scary:( okay thank you:)

Hi helta123, it does sound like a panic attack. Try and think of things to do with that situation that may have made you feel anxious. It helps enormously to find the root of the attacks so you can avoid that situation again

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Helta123 in reply to Alex79

Hey alex79. I don’t even know, that’s the second one I’ve had. The first one I had was down to shock I know that, but I don’t know what was the trigger of this one. Playing in back in my mind I just can’t seem to pinpoint the problem

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I've had this exact same thing but sometimes it may even be something trivial. For example when I was 18 I had panic attacks and I didn't understand why untill I really delved into how I felt. I realized I was worried about the future because I was leaving the school system and how no idea what was going to happen in the future. Meditation can help to clear the mind if things get on top of you. Hope this helps in some way good luck x

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Helta123 in reply to Alex79

I’ve got no time to meditate, go to sleep go to work, or something pops up that I’ve gotta take care of. It’s hard to find the time. Thank you x

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Rottenapple in reply to Alex79

That's actually a bad idea that therapists do not recommend. Avoiding the situation reaffirms that it's a situation to be scared of.

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Alex79 in reply to Rottenapple

Apologies. Thank you for the correction

A friend had similar issues and it turned out to be alcohol related. He ended up quitting drinking and the attacks went away. He said the feelings had been building up but he was in denial because he liked drinking.

He doesn't drink a drop any more and he looks great and says he can't remember the last time he felt really sick.

I dunno what causes them:( it’s a mystery

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it might help to recognize a panic attack if you know what one is exactly. (this is a bit long but it should help)a panic attack is when you suddenly feel like you or someone you care about is in life threatening danger. it’s an evolutionary survival tactic where your fight or flight instincts are triggered and releases a lot of adrenaline. that adrenaline is a natural hormone that gives you a sort of temporary ‘power boost’ so you can ‘fight or flight’. the problem is that panic attacks are triggered simply from enough stress so if you aren’t in actual danger,

- you end up spasming in place

- you’re completely conscious and aware,

- short of breath because of the spasms,

- your easily overstimulated by touch, sound and light

- there’s a feeling of eminent death

- some sweating

- crying

- you may have the urge curl into ‘fetal position’

the best way to deal with one-

1) go to a safe place that’s preferably quiet and dark. (your room, a bathroom, closet, etc.)

2) lie down in as comfortable a position as possible

3) let it run its course while doing your best to take slow and deep breaths

4) when it’s over, if you can, take a cool shower (the focus isn’t to get clean) and then a nap

5) remember what you were doing and what was happening before it started so you can learn to avoid and/or recognize what triggers you

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