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i did it!


okay, so in previous posts had mentioned that was going to go to the doctors about my depression, well i finally got through to my mum and shes made me an appointment!

it was the hardest thing i have ever done, coming out properly and saying it, but i feel proud of myself for doing it as it was something i was really scared to do before.

oh, also, i wanted to ask if any of you knew that having depression etc on your record, does it affect you later in life for jobs??

-Robyn xx

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That must have been so hard and I can imagine you must feel so much better for getting it out in the open.

As for depression being on your medical notes, there's no reason whatsoever for it to impact on your choice of career. I'm a teacher and I've never had to tell anyone that I have depression. Not that I'd care if I did - loads of teachers are in the club!

I know there are some jobs out there that you can't do if you have a history of mental illness, but even then it wouldn't be an open and shut case.

Employers calling in your medical records is more likely to happen if you have an unreliable work ethic, or if you've not been honest about conditions you have had.

I wouldn't worry about that now, though. What matters is that you've done the right thing and can look forward to getting the help and support that you need x

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thank you! my mum was going to get me to talk to her friend that's amental health nurse, but i didnt feel comfertable with it as i know her already and it would be too awkward to discuss things about my mum. Thats very reassuring, i thought it might end up ruining my life (as if it hasnt already) haha xx


well done you x

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Thank you! :) xx

Hi Robyn

Well done and I think it's a great start to get help so young.

Like Lucy said don't worry about your Medical notes, unless your going to marry

A royal prince. It shouldn't matter.

Be very chuffed with yourself and have a nice evening.

Hannah x

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Thank you hannah! I feel a lot better for getting it out - i wouldve never done anything if it werent for this forum, so thank everyone!

Haha, thats reassuring :)

i will do! you as well :) xx

I believe it is still the case that you cannot be a member of parliament if you have been sectioned but you are a long way away from that. Not aware of anything else that would be affected career wise. It would be difficult for employers to legally ask questions about your mental health and use that as a selection criterion as this could amount to discrimination under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Acts.

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they should all be sectioned lol

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That's sort of my feeling about anyone who wants to be a politician. sure there are some good ones out there but


Well done Robyn good on you, proud of ya.

There's no way that this has ruined your life. I guess the only way depression can ruin our lives is if we allow it. If we keep fighting then it hasn't & can't win. The fact that you are being strong & taking control are very good signs for your future.


HI Robyn

I've not been around for a short while and was soooo pleased when I saw your post this morning. That's great news.

I remember having similar worries about having depression on my records but to be honest, I feel that the harm done by not addressing it for so long was, for me, far worse than any labels on my records. I also agree whole heartedly with the others regarding prospective employers etc. Don't worry about any of that. The most important thing is for you to get yourself sorted and start on the road to recovery.

As I now employ people myself, I actually feel that if someone has dealt with or learned to manage something like depression I'd probably look at them even closer for a job as I'd see it as a major achievement. I also think that many people who have had to deal with this kind of illness are more likely to be broader minded, understanding, caring and considerate of others which are all extremely useful traits.

Good on you Robyn for taking those first steps.

All the best with it.

Ruth :)

wouldn't have thought it would stop you getting a job,i work in a care home and me and several of my work friends take anti depressants for different reasons,mine being the loss of my partner last year xx


There a really good doc on kurt called about a son on YouTube saying this as I saw the t shirt you're wearing it's interviews about his childhood and adolescence and fame it's a good insight

Well done for seeking help from your GP, you are right to be proud as it does take courage - some people would agree that the healthiest people are the ones who seek help :)

It shouldn't affect your position regarding jobs unless you have been so seriously depressed that you have been admitted to hospital on a compulsory section, then some jobs may ask you to declare it. Otherwise when you apply for a job if it asks about any health problems usually they are asking about anything serious, but if they ask if you have seen your GP within the last 12 months, etc. you could just put that you had mild depression and saw your GP about it. That is unlikely to be any problem. It's natural that you are feeling a bit anxious about that now you have sought help, it's a big move to acknowledge you need help, but it is a really positive move. I'm glad you got through to your mum, I think I recall that she hadn't previously understood or accepted you were depressed.

Do let us know how you get on, and get talking help if you possibly can, rather than just meds, as talking things through is likely to have a better long term outcome.


Well done to you!!!! That's really good!! I think my daughter is suffering from depression....I'm totally here for her but she is in denial and keeps saying she's fine. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have that might help me/her?? She's got an appointment at CAMHS on Monday but can't see the point in going, I think she's going to go and smile sweetly and say she's fine. Thanks xxx.

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