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If your feeling down and can’t stop thinking negatively


youtu.be/wmx_35rQIRg I’m not sure if this link will work in here but if it does give this a watch cause it as helped me quite a bit so far. when I listened to it I didn’t take everything in he was saying cause my mind kept drifting but the bits that I did take in it as definitely helped me think more positive.... hopefully it will help you to, things will get better and easier even if you don’t believe it now....

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Welshman, have you ever thought about how we live in an abnormal society, where we are expected to adapt to abnormal ways of living? And when our bodies react to all the abnormality, we are told we have a mental illness of one sort or another. Then we are given a medicine cabinet full of all sorts of synthetic chemicals designed to help us adapt to an abnormal society? When they don't work, we have our dosage increased, or another chemical is added. Have you ever thought about whether we would become well, just by living in a normal environment, without all the chemicals, and toxins, and abnormal expectations?

Those are just my thoughts for today. And i wondered what you thought about my thoughts?

Welshman41 in reply to Krazie

Yes I do think of these things. And you saying that takes me back to when I was a child and when my mam used to tell me stories of how life was different when she was younger and how things have changed from then to know. Even though a lot of aspects of life was harder back then, if I had a choice to be born then compared to now I think I would definitely go back to back then, mainly cause there was a much more communal feel and people looked out for each other more, as much as I wouldn’t know what to do without technology now if there was a vote to abolish all technology or keep it I would definitely vote get rid, mainly cause that would bring people together more, just the difference from when I was a kid to know things have changed so much, like I used to go out and play everyday with my friends but all I see now is kids staying in playing on their iPads etc and how can that be good!?

Krazie in reply to Welshman41

BINGO. You are right on. Today's technology lulls our mind. Soft pillow's lull our bodies. While toxic waste rages all around.

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