feeling down again

hi feeling really down my partner left me two years ago and some days it feels like yesterday its my sons 7th birthday tomorrow im seeing him witch is great but i feel like im missing so much, was really depressed 18 months ago had 3 months off work had councilling , got new jod and things seemed much better stopped seeing counciller was really doing well got promotion in febuary to managers job work 10 hours most days and do over 12 hours a day about 4 times a month didnt really want the promotion wasnt ready for it have coped quite well until resently the overall manager who is in control of everything is drunk at work 2 or 3 times a week and moans about and gives everyone a really bad time and can be quite aggresive ,to day i could not face going to work all the old signs had come back feeling useless stomach swirling no energy i need this job but am strugling to do , i never know how it will be if hes drunk everything everyone does is wrong and i get loads of shit from my co workers

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  • Pressures of life are bad enough without having to put up with a manager like that. Remember you're not alone in all this and you know there are people out there who can help you, but you've got to try and help yourself. First things first, get an appointment with your GP and explain the situation, then contact HR at your company, reporting your line manager for his repeated drunken behaviour. Having got that out the way, celebrate your sons 7th birthday.

    You wouldn't have got your promotion if you didn't deserve it. Please remember that. You've earned it, and you are more than capable of doing your job. It's your line manager that's at fault here, for being such an a$$.

  • thank you for your kind words theres a problem though the man who got me the promotion is the man with the drunkern behaviour , its a small company and he has worked there for 34 years and the boss thinks very highly of him know one dare speak up , i will go to doctors tomorrow

  • Stop downing yourself. You got that promotion based on your ability to perform at your job. The boss had better start looking at employment law and his responsibility towards all his employees, not just your line manager. His behaviour is nothing short of bullying, and the company boss has to resolve this or face being taken to tribunal by either you or another employee. Glad you're seeing the doctor tomorrow, and do have a great time with your son tomorrow

  • thank you again , i will enjoy seeing my son tomorrow hes the best boy in the world and i will get through this for me and him

  • That's the spirit derbist. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow, and give him a birthday hug from me

  • thanks spoke to a help line last night made me see things better,seeing doctor this morning and looking forwrd to seeing my son

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