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Hello l am new here.


I have just joined l suffer from social anxiety and at times depression. I have had various treatments for my anxiety in CBT. My illness is a long standing l have been an out patient at an acute day unit l attended a day centre for people recovering from mental health disorders. My belief is my social anxiety is a result of childhood experiences. My mother rejected me for being a girl my family were not very social l loved learning but hated being with other children at school. I suffered domestic abuse from son who now lives in Canada. I have recieved no real therapy for the root causes of my depression and anxiety. I have 2 sisters l dont see much of one not at all. My parents are dead other aunts and uncles on mother's side dead same is most likely on father's side. I can not socialze much l do go to Christian meetings. I know a few people but they are busy with their own lives. I have one friend but the time he can spend is limited. Besides a person needs more than just one friend. I have a dog she gets me but despite the claim of the UK being dog lovers l cannot take her to lots of places. Have l lost hope? In doctors yes though to befair helping me socially is not what doctors are for. I am very isolated the boredham being the worst. I don't have money to spend on joining meet up group or the courage to attend. I am angry their is no real help for me.

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Hello and welcome to this community. Sorry to hear of your difficulties and hopefully you will find that our members will be able to support you by sharing their experiences and wisdom.

I know you say that CBT has not helped you but there are other types of therapies available which you could discuss with your GP. It is good that you have your lovely dog and go for walks. Do you chat to other dog walkers? Every interaction - however small - is a step forward. Also you mentioned your love of learning as a child. Is there anything you would like to learn now - perhaps look around for a free online course to begin with? Mentally this might help with the sense of boredom you feel. Have you ever thought about volunteering? Sometimes this can be an inviting environment that allows one to get to know others at ease. Starting off with just the little steps is easier. There is help out there and here. Please let us know how you are getting on. Best wishes

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