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SX 1 of 2 Complete!

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Well, I’m 3 days post-op from my DBS sx (shorthand for surgery), and everything went well. The neurosurgeon, and the psychiatrist (the one who came up w the study) were both really optimistic and encouraged that this will be a helpful tx (treatment) for me. The whole team in the OR were really kind to me while we were waiting on a delay w my MRI... the anesthesia nurses and RNs were very supportive and they were reluctant to shave my whole head as requested because they said I had such beautiful hair (even though I keep it short anyway).

After the technological error w the computers was fixed, they proceeded to shave my head and everyone, even the doctors, was commenting that I have “the perfect shaped head” lol. I was given twilight anesthesia for the procedure, so kinda like when you have your wisdom teeth out. And I took a nap during most of it, but I could still hear everyone talking and the drilling and stuff.

The psychiatrist woke me up in the middle of the procedure so they could test the device and most importantly check for side effects. They let the sedative wear off a little and gave me an eye chart to read and kept asking if my vision was blurry, but everything looked clear. Then they were asking if my arms and hands were going numb at all while they adjusted the device to different levels and that wasn’t an issue either. So they put me back to sleep and sutured and stapled me up.

I go in this Wednesday to get the second sx done, and the whole team including myself are feeling optimistic which has been so reassuring. I’m back home for now, and it’s been nice to be back in my own bed. I’ve not felt this much hope for something in a very long time. Sending caring thoughts everyone’s way!

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Oh wow. This is amazing and scary at the same time. You are a very strong person, you just keep going.

I hope this procedure works well for you and you can soon go and achieve your dreams. I know too well how it is with countless amounts of meds, therapies and misery for being dysfunctional, judged, labeled.

Best of luck!


I have heard about this Op on another site as it is used for other mental/brain conditions.

For your second op do they operate on the same side or do they go in at a different place.

Generally I understand for problems for Parkinsons it seems to have had some good results.

Well done going through your op this waking sleep I get at the Dentist, with Sedation I cannot imagine what it must be like on the skull and brain.

Let us know how you get on, with the conclusion of your first op and any changes after the second. You have been a very brave person.

Well Done, Keep a hold


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