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Day 1 of the healing process


Well I've been in a great tragedy for a while. I seriously don't even know how to feel except broken. People just leave when they don't need you anymore. I feel so hurt I've cried many nights while arguing but guess yesterday was the last straw. They've blocked me on everything and they just blamed me for everything that took place. I feel so depressed and dead inside is like how to get past this. Who ever knew men could be this horrible I regret everything now cause they just broke me. They only cared about themselves and just left me here. An their never coming back the person I thought that would never hurt me did and they left me. How I'm going to move forward, I don't even know what to do now. My life was so well without them why did they have to come and ruin me you know. I would have been fine without them I think. Might have been lonely but it's better I had been lonely so I wouldn't be feeling the way I am now. What do I do now? How do I move on ?

Somebody help me please I can't do this anymore

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I know that breakups are tough and getting started over again is even tougher I can assure you however that if you had gotten pregnant and then he had left you would be even in a worse off position right now therefore thank God that it was a clean break however painful that it might seem you have no connections or ties to that individual and therefore you can move on to meeting someone else the next person might be the man of your dreams it's never too late.

That's the thing despite I have no source of communication with them I still feel tied down to them. I just thought they were it I just never saw this coming you know.

Learning how to respect and understand your own needs is very important. When I was young, before marriage I found being careful and very selective was the best way for serious relationships. Jumping in and out of bed, and allowing people to satisfy an itch or a thoughtless need takes away our self respect and that in turn knocks us down with one hard slap. The problem is most of young society is out for what they can get, they are not really looking for serious relationships at that time, so the pressurize the other person to do something that should not be a consideration at that time. Partners need to know each other trust needs to be the way forward in the first instance. This may sound old fashioned and to say that was the way in the late sixties may sound strange. Although there were many young couples even then who preferred to understand each other before the relationship became more meaningful

As we get to know someone we grow with them and they with you. You learn to live and be close. You have an expectation to be respected and both understand that you need that respect to make a serious loving relationship.

You need to understand and grow, know how to refuse and not be frightened to move on if you feel pressurized. This takes time as you both move on together.

We all make errors, we learn from them and move on. Never be frightened to say NO, if the person loves and needs you for yourself that is the person who hopefully will reciprocate your feelings


We're not moving on together I fear he found someone else I always feared that to be quite honest. This is why I don't let people in cause they just leave me here all broken. I don't know what to do he just left and blocked me on everything. He ended things and happy we ended on good terms but it wasn't goof terms you know.

Do not worry, we all move on. Relationships are all a learning period in our lives.

You will eventually find that right person, you will know that in hearts when it does happen. Take life as it comes, consider yourself lucky you found out now and not later.

We all get hurt when looking for that super partner, understand that and understand at the start of a relationship do not take it to serious, allow the meeting and know how to tell when the relationship is beginning to end.


Hi this is very painful but it is unfortunately very much part of life. Congratulations on getting rid of such a louse, so learn from it and you will be able to move on in time. You are stronger than you know and you will recover coz we all do. Hugs xx

Aw bud you really amazing yes and I do hope it's true about recovering cause I can't do this anymore it's too much pain. I wanna become a don't care person. So I wouldn't feel anything anymore.

You say that now but give it time my friend and you will start to feel better. I know it's a clique but time really is a great healer and I say this from experience. Hugs Bev xx

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