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Tired of being tired

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Today I feel good but I know that won't last and I know that I still dont belong here and I dont deserve to be here.. I'm so tired of just wishing that everything would be okay. I canceled my next apt with Michelle as I dont know if I can really helped I know she says to have faith and give it time but I just want to know why I always feel sad why I always feel like crap and feel like dying would be the better thing to do. I wish I could just die and make it all go away. I want to just take all my pain meds and close my eyes. Every day at work I think of ways to go away and yet at the same time I get to pretend that mouthing is wrong qutj me that I'm okay and that I am happy when in reality I'm not happy and I dont kjow if I can be. Today we had a tornado warning and all I really wanted to do was outside and wait to be swept up in the storm thinking maybe then I will disappear.. please someone anyone help figure out y I want to die y I feel like this y I have jo desire to do anything. I'm tired of being tired and tired of being fake....

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Hi Countrygirl32, I am sorry to hear that things remain difficult for you. Is the lady you mentioned in your post a therapist you are seeing? As she has advised, please give it time and you will begin to feel better. Have you seen your GP about the way you are feeling? He/she will be able to help you. Please make an appointment and take a trusted friend or family member with you if this would help. Please do not give up hope. There is help and support available.

Please remember that you are not alone. If you are in the UK and are feeling distressed, please call --

The Samaritans Freephone 116 123 [24 hour helpline] 7 days a week. They provide a listening ear.

If you live outside of the UK and are distressed, please have a look at the Crisis Support Helplines on the pinned post section of the screen.

We care about you on this community, so please keep posting on here and you will receive support from other members. Are there any other forum members able to help Countrygirl32, please?

Thank you and best wishes.

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