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Does anyone else have very vivid dreams?

I keep on having dreams that I can remember (unusually) the following morning; they usually relate to something (or someone) that is going on, has gone on or somebody that has left my life (mostly my son's Dad).

Some of the dreams I have are ok and some not so nice to be honest. Is this my mind trying to give me some therapy or is it telling me there are issues I need to resolve? If so how?

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I dont know what it is but I also have vivid dreams ,because my memory is shot away I dont know if I am dreaming about past events or are they just dreams ? I believe our dreams can and do affect the way we are though


Thank You for your reply. My problem is I CAN'T forget about past events. I really should have moved on by now but at the risk of saying it I am beginning to feel bitter and that is not good.


Yes. Just woken up after a very vivid dream.


Had vivid dreams when I took citalopram - felt like real life and stopped taking the citalopram as a result.

I often remember my dreams but wouldn't describe them as vivid. Different people dream in different ways and at different times.

One dream I remember from years ago was being chased by dinosaurs - realised pretty quickly it was about the finance system that I was working with at work that was a dinosaur of a system. Seem to remember hiding under the desk and hoping that it would go away.

Most of the time dreams do seem to be about sorting through the days rubbish and trying to file it/put it away.

There are other dreams I have when things are getting on top of me - nightmares really - that tend to be recurrent - falling long distances or driving into the back of something because the brakes won't work (funnily don't think I've had that one since I did have an accident where I was too close to the car infront for the brakes to stop me in time) - and those I generally wake up from in a sweat.

I don't think the dreams in themselves disturb me and I don't focus on them but feel for you over the not being able to forget things ... particularly bad things. In those circumstances all I think you can do is take note that the memory recurred but not dwell on it ... There may be other techniques you can use - like Neuro Linguistic Programing used in CBT in treating PTSD - not done that so don't know how it works and you'd really need to be taken through it by a professional

Big hug


Thank You to everyone for the kinf responses.

I have had dreams about my parents who have passed away, old work friends (who have disappeared after I was made redundant some of whom I knew for over 20 years and they weren't just colleagues I thought) and my ex -husband; I don't consciously "invite" these dreams they just seem to keep happening.

Some I can relate to; as I reflect on them and their content I believe there is an element of "clinging on" to the past so to me that intimates unresolved issues but how I move towards closure is another matter.

I have done CBT before and sometimes in my daily life I can use some of the distraction techniques but there's not much I can do about what happens when I fall asleep.

I also wake early usually between 5 and half past but this morning it was 3.20....mind you that is probably because of my sinusitus which is giving me Hell today. xx


Now I have very vivid dreams and I never considered they might be linked to citalopram. That's something to think about. My dreams are so real that I wake up in the morning exhausted. If I dream about running somewhere, I actually wake up feeling feeling physically tired. I know it sounds crazy but for me it's like I actually leave my bed while I'm sleeping and actually experience what is happening in my dream.

When I was younger I nearly died because of a dream. I dreamed that my house was going to blow up. It was so vivid that I woke up convinced that it was true. I climbed onto the bedroom window sill and was fully prepared to jump the distance to the concrete floor below. Something stopped me thankfully, I'm not sure what, but instead I went downstairs, went out in to the street and sat on the wall until morning. The weird thing is that I remember the dream, and I remember my actions when I woke up. I just can't understand, twenty years on, why the dream was so powerful that it was still influencing me after I woke up.

I used to get this recurring dream about doors. I'd dream that the doors were lying flat on the ground and I was only two inches tall. The dream would go on for what felt the entire night and I would be running in between the doors trying to find a way out.

I also have lots of dreams about my son's Dad. And I used to dream that I broke back into the house that we bought together and refused to leave when the new occupiers came home. I have that dream less now though.


I know what you mean about feeling exhausted when you wake up, I'm the same but on different meds. I find it really difficult to leave the dream behind and come back to reality too.


It's like some have said, kinda linked to the medication.

Not a reason to stop taking them though.

Sometimes you can control the dream, its tricky but can be done. I did it this morning during an odd one. In it I was looking in a mirror and my face had changed and my body had too, it was thin, too thin. I know why it happened, mainly because of my lack of food intake and the need for me to see some sort of visible symptom of this malignant sadness, whether it be my body or my face in an Emperor style scar on my face. Anyhow, I realised it was a dream, looked into the mirror and said, silly, and then I woke up.



Thank You for this.

I am not on any medication at the mo (well not for depression anyway). I was on Citalopram 10mg a day. However I had cause to go to see GP in January of this year; it was a locum (very good he was too) and he told me that it could contribute to the reason why I had to see him this time so I took myself off it.

I have managed to hobble along well enough up until about a month ago when things started to slide again. The last couple of weeks I haven't been well anyway and prior to the sinus problem as a result of the virus or whatever it was I was beginning to feel pretty desperate again.

I should go back to the GP me thinks but am loathe to start medication again as a crutch. I do have to take Diazepam on odd occasions though....I usually feel worst in the mornings....I can feel the fear,fright,flight coming on from nowhere.


Me too. I can tell what sort of day it's gonna be as soon as I wake up.

Medication is no crutch. In some cases its the way to keep going.

Is it a crutch to someone with diabetes? No and it isn't for you either.

Ah yes, the fear. Me too. Music, tea, a film. They are my ways of coping.

Do you have any?


I try and get out even if it's to the local shops; I find that having something to do takes my mind off it. That is why I miss my car (I had to give it up for financial reasons amongst other things) I feel like my last bit of independence has been taken from me.

I think back to 11 years ago...I had a full time job, a happy marriage (or so I thought) and then everything just fell apart. My husband left me for someone else; my son was only 6 and in late 2011 I lost my job, my younger brother died unexpectedly and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is in remission now thank Heavens).

I think this is where the dreams are coming from.

In terms of the meds, Citalopram didn't really help me and I just wasn't suited to Prozac.


Dreams are usually bad or good depending on how you are. There's no hiding as I'm sure you're aware. They sometimes are what they are for a reason though, working through something or other. Mine certainly were after my wife left, a mix of her coming back to me asking forgiveness, me shouting at her or her ignoring me. I usually have one about her at least once a week. At the moment since my meds have gone up they've become a bit more shadowy and surreal too. Thing is I'd rather have them over life right now.


For me it's the feeling of just "not fitting in" anywhere and the blind panic of thinking that I'll be on my own forever...I suppose I am not strictly on my own as my son lives at home. He is in the middle of A levels but he soon (and quite rightly) be flying the nest.

I just feel that life is passing me by and I am going through the motions. The scariest thing is I am becoming increasingly aware of my own mortality... I am 54 (older Mum!!) what have I done with my life? Not a lot and then I get angry with myself that I am wasting it by being so bloody miserable.


I last had that at a party. I just can't seem to do them anymore.

Maybe you will but maybe you won't. Your headspace is probably dictating that sort of feeling.

I feel a bit resigned to being alone, more or less.

And I empathize with the last statement but what you need to remember is that depression is an illness, not an indulgence. Being miserable is a part of that like having a snotty nose is to a cold. Not nice but just that, a symptom.

And I'm sure you've done plenty with your life and if you haven't see what you can do about it now. Baby steps all the way.


You are right but that doesn't make it any easier. I am sure you understand the feelings of "what have I done to deserve being abandoned..blah blah" but then I think why not me...I am not the only one and what makes me so special!!

Depression didn't start when my ex left....I first went to my GP for that and anxiety when I was just 16. However when my life was on an even keel it was managable; now it isn't.

To put it into perspective I am just watching a documentary on 617 Squadron, The Dambusters (a must for me as I live in Bomber County).....the sacrifices those men made makes me humble......


Yeh, sure do. To be honest though her leaving left me feeling cold about her, those, what have I done... feelings don't really enter my mind. That's her bag, or was. It's all made me numb and cynical about anything lovey or wedding related. But sure, it doesn't make it any easier but it does lessen what it is that beings you down to an extent.

Mine didn't either but got a lot worse, house, job gone that kinda thing.

Indeed but like I said, depression is an illness.

Don't make yourself feel worse by comparing yourself to ordinary individuals who performed extraordinary acts.

You'll never win for starters will you?


Hi Lois you are not alone I have very vivid dreams too and always have had. They have got worse since I have been on ad's with some nightmares but generally unpleasant ones.

As soon as you wake up try and write them down. You might find a patten then.

Bev x


Hiya, I take citalopram 30mg and I have dreams, but some are lovely, I woke up the other day and my friends little boy had just given me a huge hug! I woke up smiling!

Apart from the mess, dreams are symbolic of things in life and its our brains way of trying to process things, some can be induced by other things, but what you seem to describe if I'm not wrong is 'traumas' almost, which makes sense. Long term use of diazepam actually causes anxiety, did you know? and it sounds from your symptoms like you are depressed. I never think its a good idea to stop / start taking things without drs advise and if its not right go back and discuss it, if you don't get on with the dr see another one! Get it right for you! There is no need to suffer! My gp has been amazing, and so helpful in my adjustments / giving advise and I ask her as I don't have a medical degree - lol!

I have told a couple of people to get dr Cantopher's 'the curse of the strong' as its fab, maybe think of that! Have a think about what we have all said and do what's right for you. And keeping a dream diary does really help re looking at patterns and remembering detail as Bev says xxx


Hi, I've been through phases in my life when I've had very vivid dreams and as a therapist have worked with clients on the dreams they have brought to therapy. It's great that you are remembering dreams because if when they are scary or uncomfortable it does mean you are open to being in touch with the feelings they relate to. I wonder whether you can write the dreams down and keep them in a file then gradually over time you may find that you begin to see a pattern or meaning in them for yourself. Alternatively you may wish to talk them through with someone who works with dreams, a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapist if you have the money to see someone privately. Otherwise you could share them on here and see what we all make of them. It can be productive and interesting to begin to think about what goes on in our minds when we are not consciously controlling them! Keep dreaming, Suexx


Most of us have dreams most nights but if we are remembering them it suggests there may be something that we are (unconsciously at least) preoccupied about. If you feel concern about them you could talk with a counsellor about the issue you think they are about.


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