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Is there a point?


I guess something has brought me here, not sure what, but it has. Ive not been all that well mentally now for a few years and I have so far managed to go un medicated, the odd bit of counsel here and there. However, I have got to the stage now where I'm really not all that fussed if I die. To be clear, I don't wish to kill myself but at the same time the thought of death doesn't really bother me either. The problem is, I am building a career, I have my flat which I am proud of, I have finally come out as gay despite being married to a woman before, I have a lot of people around me. This is my conundrum, I feel isolated, alone and rather empty. I have no get up and go anymore, I'm supposed to be going to the pub to play darts for my team tonite but I really can't be bothered, nothing seems to be important anymore, which is why I ask the question, is there a point?

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I have been there my questions was "What's the point!" that kept going through my head and when I had my breakdown I lost a lot of friends.

From your message I can feel the confuse, but at the same time I see a lot of answers to your "Is there a point?" question.

Great to hear that you've been and sought help in the past, maybe that will help you this time as well.

I know from lots of friends that I have that telling people about your sexuality is a major event in your life. Again all I can say is that was good that you were able to do that.

Funny how you can be in a room people and feel so alone and not want to do things. From my experience I would say that you should try and keep up with your darts team, sometimes you can feel so much better once you are there.

When I feel that "What's the point?" question raising it's ugly head again I go back and revisit the techniques that have worked for me in the past and keep any arrangements I've made with friends and family. I also find checking that I am still following me sleep routine and getting a good nights sleep helps as well as checking my diet is healthy and that I am getting exercise too.

Sometimes I just find that I ask the question when I am feeling low because of a bug or illness.

You have a great future ahead of you and friends you can talk to. Find a group near you that can help you or you can talk to about coming out if you are still finding issues with having made the decision to come out.

There is a point and you have a lot to offer and a lot of exciting things to experience.

I made a list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see and I am working through that list as well as adding to it all the time.

Hope this helps you and welcome to the forum.


I've been in a place where everything is technically going good in my life but I feel like dying. Now my depression has gotten worse. I'm finally starting to go to therapy and I have a psychiatry appointment. One thing people keep telling me is that I shouldn't feel like this mindset is normal and permanent. I am hopeful that eventually I will get to a place where I am happy. I want that for you too and I think it would be worth getting help. I think there must be a point but it's just hard to see it when you're depressed. You were very brave to come out, surely that's not for nothing? Not judging bc I haven't dated since I came out lol but I think we all come out with the future in mind. I can't really say much other than I sympathize. I hope you find your point and consider getting help with finding it

There is always a point it is up to you to understand that and act accordingly.

You have begun to change your life around and have admitted to yourself you are not straight.

You have friends who are waiting for you to play darts together so that is a positive pathway you are travelling.

You have a flat where you can be independent, and look after your own needs, believe me having your own home that you are happy and comfortable in. You have all the needs that most people look forward to, however are you still uncertain of your loss and your new expectations.. I gather you are still a teen and given that you are no different to those Peers you mix with.

You need to understand, life has quiet periods and sometimes we can feel bored and unsettled and that can make us lost

We all ask is this all, possibly yes. It is up to you to decide what else do you wish to achieve. I am a Disabled Pensioner with Memory problems and a reactive depression. To be honest at this time I keep myself going and divert my thoughts to other beneficial activities.

You ask what is the point, consider what you have undertaken since your marriage breakup and you new sexuality. You ask what is the point, does that come down to how your life has progressed and run with it.


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