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Losing Myself and reaching my breaking point..

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As a 17 year old girl I thought I could never be able to get to my reaching point where I didn't love myself , feel like I cause problems for everyone ,feeling alone .. I turn 18 on july 12 its far away but my parents keep counting down to that day were I get kicked out my mom never understood me ever since she met my step dad things have changed . My dad he picked his new wife over me and the boy i thought loved me cheated on me and keeps coming back to me and says he changed .. I lost myself I've gained weight and don't feel pretty anymore i thought i could shove my feelings away but every night they come back and I can't breathe .. Looking at other females especially when it comes to my ex who has a lot of female friends i tend to feel like i need to be prettier ... I've lost myself over friendships , family and love i don't think Ill ever be enough ...

11 Replies
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hi, it sounds like you’re going through a pretty tough time right now. men who lie/cheat are no good, it’s heartbreaking it really is! but the good news is that you’ll find someone new that is so much better than your ex. you are beautiful just the way you are, we are all unique in many ways & there’s beauty in that. i never loved myself and i still struggle doing that but you need to love yourself before you love someone else, well that’s what i’ve been told. but i don’t love myself that much but i’m working on it and my boyfriends been helping me with that a lot. REMEMBER YOU ARE ENOUGH! Do some positive self-talk 🦋

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Thank you very much ..

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hugs to you ❤️ i’m always here if you’d like to talk or need advice just PM me !

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same for you !! and Ill take you up on that offer

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You are you and as long as you remain true to yourself you will always be enough for anyone especially yourself. Don't forget no one in the world is better than you at being you x

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Thank you !!


Your boyfriend (X) seems to be using you, on His return, next time give Him a B*** Rush, you move on. It is important you love yourself, you are failing to achieve this because of other peoples agendas

Regards your family, Mother and Step Father, If you are going to be kicked out at eighteen, would it be a problem to look for a place now, you would be independent and allowed to make your own way six months early.

Talk to your GP, if putting on weight and feelin the way you do, A Course of CBT may help you relate to your concerns and move yourself on. You are in many ways now an adult consider your needs and expectations in life


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Thank you and your right !

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Heyy there I understand your going through a lot and I may not be able to truly understand your position but all I can say is to prepare for what you know may happen. Hopefully you have an aunt or someone who can take you in till you can handle yourself. An for the guy who keeps coming back it's hard to do this but you need to let him go. I know you probably love him but he probably just doesn't love you. Cause if he ever did he'd never put you in a position where he'd lose you. You can be strong and yeah you'd be lonely when you have no one to talk too but at least you have us here.

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Thank you very much ! and your right I do need to let him go

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Stay strong

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