What happens on first visit to psychologist? Really scared

Hi All. Sorry first thing I write is a question. Yesterday I was referred to a Psychologist which I am going to tomorrow. What happened on first visit?? This all happened after I had 2 strokes and been left with physical problems and depression problems which has got worse in the last couple of months. I am 40 years old and feel like I do not want to go on. Sorry for ramble. x


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  • Hello,

    I have seen a psychiatrist but not a psychologist so not sure of M O.

    I can only imamgine he/she will ask how your mental wellbeing is at present and investigate whether your physical problems are exacerbating your low mood. Perhaps it will form an assessment and a decision taken whether you need meds/counselling/CBT or a combination of some or all; I am only summising.

    When I saw mt psychiarst I found him very supportive and he gave me chance to have a good ramble! I went prepared in that I wrote a "storyboard" of all the things that had contributed to my depression getting worse from 2002 up to the appointment.

    I have always suffered from depression in varying degrees bu it spiralled out of control when my husband left me and my son at Christmas 2002 and I have never really got over it.

    Please try not to worry; I am sure it will be fine.

    Good Luck and feel free to ramble anytime; we are all very supportive on here.

  • Thanks to all replys. It was not to bad going but I did a lot of crying. Sorry about your circumstances that made you spiral out of control Lois1959, hopefully you are getting the help you need and improving. I have to wait for the team to have a meeting on Wednesday next week so have to wait. The lady did say I need some help within the home as I can not get upstairs very well.

  • Hi

    Sorry about your problems. I hope the visit to the psychologist goes well today. They will just want to ask you things about how you are feeling in order to try to work out how they can best help you, that's all. Try not to worry as they are human beings not monsters.


  • Dont worry at all, they will be helpful and supportive too, its great that you are

    getting the support.

    They will ask you questions and will be skilled and make you feel at ease. Just relax.



  • hello

    I have just read your message.

    Did you go to the Psychologist?

    Did it help you?

    hope you are feeling better.

    I am wondering what happened as I have been referred to see doctor after road traffic accident and suffering depression.

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