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What I Hate


I could say my life but that's a given. I hate the fact that ever since my husband died my life and my 29 year old sons life is so screwed up. Ever since he died we have lost almost every friend we ever had. The trouble is that for some reason we seem to attract users. I had one friend for over 40 years who turned her back on us, but at least she wasn't a user. The other's always had their hands out, 2 of them owe me money right now that I know I'll never get. (125 and 50) not much but still we could use it. The bright spot for me is that I started a job 3 weeks ago that I like but the pay is only 7.50 a hour and I get around 30 hours a week. (My choice because I want to be home some too with my son and dog) I hate that we have to try and stay in this house because we are not sure if this guy in CA is going to pull something or not. If he does we will be homeless after 30 days, nobody wants someone in their home with a English creme golden retriever, but, I will not give Dusty up, he is my baby and I just can not, will not get rid of him. I hate renting anyway but can not buy anything because don't have the money or credit so only hope is owner financing which is what this house is suppose to be. I'm just really upset and feel alone, I have more people in heaven than I do here in this world. I long for what was because what is, sucks!!

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