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Feeling hopeless


So i posted about 5/6 weeks ago, about my girlfriend asking me to leave saying we need to take a break.since then she has finished with me, and practically just cut me off full stop. I don't know what to do as I don't fully understand how we got to that position. One minute were ok then no communication at all. I understand she has to put her mental health first but to just cut me off after being together for so long has torn me to pieces. I feel so isolated and like I have no'one to talk to.

After the first year of being with her I stopped going out as much, as having the house bills meant less disposable income. Which I was fine with but now all my friends have moved on are in relationships and are always busy.

I feel like I've lost everything and yet I still can't be angry enough to let her go, still hoping that she comes to her sendes. Stupid I know. I guess I just don't know how to let go and keep going through everything in my head.

Any advice welcome


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hi im sorry to hear of your situation.i don't know the story but maybe she feels a burden on you because of her illness.just give her some time and see how things go.could you email her or even write a letter saying you understand that she wants a break but you will support her and be there for her if she wants.you must remember to look after yourself aswell even although you find it hard.

I don’t no the whole story and I’m sorry your in this situation, I feel that maybe your girlfriend just wanted some time by herself to sort herself out, if she is dealing with mental health issues it could be difficult for her to tell you how she feels, I have a lot of mental health issues myself and I can not explain to my bf how I feel, we have broke up because of how I am . You could just send her msg askin if she ok and let her no you there for her. If she needs you. Just give her some space, if she wants to contact you she will, maybe the space will make her miss you, good luck I really hope things work out for u

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