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My two biggest issues that lead me to anxiety and panic!


1) Dying

2) Vomiting

I fear dying and that is why I am always at doctors demanding tests. I feel that if I catch something in time...then I will survive. You always hear about people dying, and if they only got a simple test they’d have lived. It freaks me out more than anything!!!! And it is the main reason for my anxiety...

Vomiting causes me to go into immediate panic mode and I start crying too. Vomiting it’s the cause of all my issues, but it’s a big fear.

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Hi Dustin S85, and welcome to this caring forum where you will receive support from other members. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this level of anxiety. It must be very difficult for you. Do you know when you first began to experience these fears or what caused them to happen?This may help you to address the anxiety. Fear of death [thanatophobia] and fear of vomiting [emetophobia] can be helped by the following treatments---

Talking therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques and medication. It may help you to ask your family doctor to refer you to a mental health specialist. Your doctor or therapist can help you learn ways to cope with these feelings and how to redirect your feelings. Please try not to let these fears overwhelm you. Ask for help so that you can handle these feelings in a healthy way. Are any members of the forum able to help DustinS85, please? Do stay on the forum for support. Thank you and best wishes.

DustinS85 in reply to MAS_Nurse

They seem to have became bad around 2006 when my dad had heart surgery. Then they were bad for a few years and kinda went away over the last few years, and then recently I had an issue in my relationship that made them come back with a vengeance worse than ever.

Hello Dustin, First of all take MAS Nurses advice. I've been through anxiety and panic attacks, done with that I think although I remember it well. I was afraid of dying, or passing out. Anxiety takes so many forms. The anxiety is just a symptom of what is really bothering you . Having that keeps you from addressing the real problem. In my case I had low self esteem and didn't see myself as being capable . The anxiety gave me the perfect excuse not to try. Of course I wasn't aware of this. It took therapy and some introspection and facing my fears. It's not exactly easy but it can be done. Some days it's 1 step forward and the next day it's 2 steps back. You have to get back on the horse and ride. You can go where ever you like. Pam

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