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Poorly wife

Hiya, sorry for posting again.

My wife’s really poorly, she’s got really bad asthma, and most of her lungs don’t work, plus loads of other complications, and she’s in a lot of pain every day. I’m scared she’s going to die, I couldn’t cope without her.

What upsets me more is that I can’t do anything to help, I do my best where I can but she still struggles day in day out and there’s nothing I can do

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Sorry to hear these things - what sort of supports do you have where you are?


....other than your continued unconditional love towards your wife and the sheer fact you clearly would do anything humanly possible to make this pain go away from her...and you!

I would say aw1912 your pretty remarkable and doing very well in all circumstances, so yes it may well look bleak and dark but your passion for your wife is unique and believe me, she will know that and feel it. Keep the faith.


ave you spoke to your gp asthma or hospital about ur wife's asthma and pain as they should be able to help. If you can't get through to ur gp ring 111 and ask them for advice on what help you can get with ur wife's medical conditions as u r worried about her.


She is under specialist care at the hospital but one asthma attack and she could be dead!


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