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Hello all,

I feel like I’m in a rut and have no one to really reach out to. To my friends I’m the dry sarcastic funny one but generally a happy person. At work I have my friends but I always feel like no one really likes me because I am the only woman at work and at time I guess to them I come across as bossy. Since finishing school last year I haven’t felt like I have any reason to be anymore. I’m constantly sad and anxious and I can never sleep. I feel like I need constant validation from everyone around me but by doing so I feel like I’ve become such a burden to all those around me. I’m supposed to be the strong one but it hurts. While I’d never want to take my own life there’s plenty of times I wish that a car would smash into mine or something of that nature and it would just be over. Sometimes I feel like it would be better for everyone if I just disappeared and they could all go on with their lives without the burden of me.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so low Rac. I can relate to how you’re feeling. I also feel like everyone would be better off if I was gone, and also in need of constant validation. I wish I had more helpful words for you, but simply - I hear you, I feel you, and I’m sorry.



I hear that you are sad rather than clinically depressed.

Suggest find support here but arrange to see your GP. She will determine whether you need talking therapy or antidepressants or both


Hi Rac,

I am sorry that you are feeling so low. Maybe you haven't found your people yet? There is saying along these lines "one day you meet someone and it becomes instantly clear why it could never work with anyone else!" I think this saying is also true for our friends and the group you belong to. You can feel so alienated and alone and then one day you find "your people" and you just gel in and they are the missing puzzle piece. For me that was a LARPing community and a Rugby team. I just slotted in and everything made sense. You have grown into your own person, regardless the environment in which this happened, you are unique and just maybe, the stuff that people do around you, the jokes, the interests and their personalities, are just not right for you. You have to go on a quest to find your crew!

in the mean time, tell your GP, it is good to talk to someone and get stuff off your chest, to gain some clarity and direction. Also some medical help for a bit, to give you some rest and well earned break from sad thoughts and clouds. Take Care!


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