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Confusion maybe?

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Is it fair to say I don't like to live?

We are born without a choice and we are force to accept it and make a living. How fair can that be? If something is given to me I have the right to like it or not. Right?

It's so confusing. I don't like where I'm at, in my head a constant war and headaches that make me wonder?

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Yeah, if something is given/gifted to you, you do have the right to like it or not, like everyone does. Disliking living/existing also makes sense in a broad sense because society right now is terrible, and has been terrible for a long time, in many countries. Pain, like headaches and other things, can also contribute to the feeling of disliking existing - at least to me, existing is pain and it’s extremely annoying.

Pain and suffering. Is there anything that seems to be under your control. Day or night seem easier. Maybe you are thinking too much and not relaxing. Have time where you are stress free. And no pressure to do anything

Totally fair. I’ve thought the same thing in the past. Maybe we just haven’t found something to live for yet. Check out a book called The Human Predicament by David Benatar, it confronts some of these ideas head on.

I am very much existing atm too, too tired of living, too scared of dying. Though I've had severeal near attempts to take my own life, I just cant seem to do get the balls to dot it. I suffer from extreme anxiety, severe existential depression, stress, isolation, loneliness and harm ocd. It's terrifying isn't it. I don't want to be here anymore, yet im too scared to leave if that makes sense.

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Josie-Anne in reply to Hambostea

Hi Hambostea,

It does make total sense, my neice is the same and tried to take her own life again but didn’t succeed and she so annoyed with herself that it didn’t, she’s been a self harmed from the age of 13 and this time the cuts were too deep for her mum to patch up again. Everyone has a vocation you probably haven’t found yours yet as your wondering what your doing here right? My niece got first class honours degree in war and conflict she’s doing work for the UN and has just released papers about hun control and sent them to 31 different countries, I was a Carer and put homecare packages into peoples homes, it doesn’t matter what age you are you have a unique quality that no other possesses, we are all different, please see attached and I hope things change for the better, you are loved 🥰 you are special and beautiful inside and out, you just don’t realise it yet ❤️🌈 Read this and it is good 😌

Life is rarely fair, we need to live our lives accordingly. This is the same for everyone as Life in general is more fair for others. So rationally we have to grin and bare it, unless you have any suggestions, we need to live life accordingly


Have you talked to your Doctor

We had no choice in our birth, our parents, or the circumstances we were born into. We had no choice in the neurology of our brains. But we do have a choice of perspective each day. We can choose to find something positive in the world we were born into, or we can choose to hate everything around us. We do, indeed, have a right to make that choice.

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Wolf90 in reply to 406M

Thank you very much for your constructive reply. 🙂🙂 indeed you're right. Hope I can hear more from you. 🙃

I have a son who often feels as you do. I struggled for twenty years with infertility, underwent surgery after surgery, and at age 42 gave birth to a baby boy whom I have loved beyond measure. Yet the pain of trying to function as a square peg in a world of round holes had left him angry and hopeless. He regards my gift of life as a burden. But I will never give up trying to help him see the beauty around him, the strength of his talents and the difference a new perspective can make. I’m not a Pollyanna. I see the pain and darkness around us, but I choose to look towards the light and accomplish some small positive thing each day. It’s his choice, and yours, whether to let that darkness swallow you. I’m on this site because I will not let it swallow me.

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