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Getting benifits ,

I have had depression for the last 30 years the last 4 have been deliberating, I have worked all my life but now can’t leave the house my sick pay will soon run out and I won’t get paid my wife earns very little , I have tried over 30 medications and had ect but now I am consumed by this illness , I have weeks of suicidel depression unable to eat or sleep , the sadness and hopelessness is over whelming I do not want to live like this it’s awfull only people that suffer will ever understand the depth of despair that this illness gives you , I can go to the bathroom and do certain things even though my memory is very poor , is there anything that I am entitled to claim for , I never have ever wanted to rely on other people or hand outs but now I am desperate , what will I do when my sick pay runs out , I’ve read that pip won’t pay out because I am not disabled enough , then they should come and live in my horrific world , I wake every morning in tears in the thought that I have got to go through all this again , doctors have told me that medication doesn’t work ect didn’t work so there is no help for me now my job has been taken from me because of this illness anyone have any ideas as what I am entitled to ,

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I think you should apply forpip. My son has schizophrenia and gets pip. No harm in applying. Good luck.


Hi have a look at the Gov.UK site as this will give you all the info on benefits.

In a nutshell all the benefits you could claim

On grounds of low income - housing benefit if you rent. Council tax rebate. If you have dependent children child tax credits.

On grounds of illness - ESA (Employment and Support Allowance). To get this you would need a sick note from your doctor.

PIP (Personal Independence Payment) - this is based not on your illness but how it affects you. It is a stand alone benefit which you can claim regardless of whether you are working or claiming other benefits or your income. It is extra money for your illness and is not usually taxable or taken into account when working out other benefits. Because the forms are tricky to fill out it's best to get help with them from either the CAB or another local help group.

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck. x


have u tried applying for esa?my fiance claims it as he's got a bad back and cannot work because of his back.


you can claim ESA, Employment Support Allowance . That benefit is for sick people unable to work.


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