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Treated differently by everyone on the job,with friends and family

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I am a 49 year old mother/grandmother that has been married twice. I have a Master's level degree and have not been successful in even finding a job on the bachelor's level.Have a hard time with relationships.Just broke up with my long distance boyfriend of 2 years because we weren't getting anywhere, even though he said we were working towards a marriage.My back window in my car got busted out.Mu family looks down on me because they say I don't know how to choose men. I am very broken in life because nothing ever goes right. My daughter has been the one consistant thing in my life.Have a problem with people respecting me.My sons wife does not care for me either.It is so hurtful .

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Why do you think you have trouble with people respecting you?

I wish I knew.I respect people to the highest.Sometimes I even put orher peoples needs before mine,meaning I go out of the way to be nice to people.

I always find myself trying to please people.

Often times when we don't respect ourselves enough, people pick up on it and feel like they don't need to respect us either. Respecting yourself can be a long journey and can take quite a bit of work. You can be compassionate and caring towards others while putting your needs first and listening to yourself. I know I struggle with this as well. Hope this helps :))

Thanks .I am going to focus on the positive things in my life.I once took pills for depression,but now I refuse to get back on those pills.I feel that I can handle situations as they come.I am truly thankful for this sight and everyone's input.

Pay a deaf ear to the negative things people have to say and I'm so sorry with what your going through but at least you have your daughter by your side. You can take things to God in prayer have a blessed day ahead :)

U sound like a smart lady who listens to people but not your self...have your own thoughts and mind...we all make mistakes nobody is perfect stop giving your self hard time..if u respect your self who cares what people think...u will find a nice guy ..dont go looking for him..he will find u...x

I would talk to a doctor about depression pills. Even if you feel like you can handle situations as they come, depression is something we can't control. It is a chemical imbalance And even if you can "handle" things that come your way, it can consume your life in other ways

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