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Fact or fiction

Many proffesional people,doctors,nurses,mental health teams.they go to college uni to study treatments ,symptons,medication..they have no actual experience in this field..just what they learned from a book or books. Like a chef who has never cooked..Luv this site cos i am getting advice from real people who are experiencing real feelings,emotions,thoughts .and can cook..24 hours a day..better than any hot line or a&e i used before. My new family ..luv u guys and your advice u give...respect

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I think that quite a few mental health professionals have had mental health problems but maybe not many doctors. The problem for me is that all the mental health "professioanls" Ive met this year have been worse than useless. But Im sure thereare lots of great ones. Maybe just not in West Wales.

The thing that has helepd me most is getting back in touch with friends and the local depression support group. Just wish that "local" was closer than 60 miles away! Its based at the "local" Mind office which seems like a very welcoming and friendly place, with a seemingly constant supply of biscuits. Maybe someone made a biscuit bequest in their will. Unfortunatly, Im on an autoimmune diet which basically means dont eat or drink anything that you enjoy. So my favourite meal - a pint of bitter and a packet chilli crisps down the pub with mates - is out.

This site and the people on it are also helpful for sure.

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I agree there are some proffesionals who suffer from mental health ...and can understand the patients they treat...but their are alot who aint got a clue.. i have seen and been assessed by alot of these people...i am going on personal experience...

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To be fair you can't expect your Doctors and nurses to have had various medical conditions. What you can expect is for them to have empathy toward their patients, Some do, not many. Pam


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