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I have on esp for ten years with severe depression and anxiety l can't go out unless lm with my daughter she has a family of her own and is also pregnant and has a full time job l feel so guilty that lm making things harder for her l have just put in for pip l thought if l have more money l could get my shopping delivered but even the thought of some one knocking on my door who l dont no freaks me out l just don't no what to do ?

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Have you seen your GP to discuss your problems.



You really need to see your GP, medications can assist in taking the edge of your fears.

Also arrange some talking therapy.

One thing you could try, there is a another site here on Healthunlocked called Anxiety Support. They give support for anxiety sefferers. Here we can give support for depression

All the best


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Hi I presume you mean ESA? PIP is a stand alone benefit and you can get it whether you work or not. It is not part of ESA or any other benefit. I hope you got help filling the form in.

I think some supermarkets still do free delivery if you order over a certain amount so have a look. You could always get it delivered to your daughter who could bring it round for you. It would certainly be much easier than her having to do your shopping for you.

Or how about having a friend/neighbour there for the first time? There is always a way round things. Good luck. x

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You need a Pa please google it come back if you need help I have put other posts on here happy to help



Hi there,

This really sounds horrible for you, it sounds like you have quite a harsh time at the moment. Have you thought of contacting italk? This is a self -referral telephone counselling service, which I feel that you may benefit from as its all done from home.

I heard someone saying once that breathing in for 7 seconds and then out for 11 can help reduce anxiety sometimes, maybe you could try this when there is someone at the door.

Have you thought of meditation? Its suprisingly common and growing and recommended by many Health Practitioners. It is supposed to be incredible for your health with a suprisingly long list of health benefits. I can't remember many as it was a long time ago that I read about it, but I know it is supposed to make you feel more energised, boost concentration and to feel less anxious over time. As well as much more.There are lots of videos on youtube for it that guide you through it originally and you are supposed to start of with a small meditation and then gradually build up to 45 mins.

I really hope you feel better soon, all of the very best of luck!


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